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M10 vs AC3 vs iM77

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You guys have been a great help so far, but the quest continues...
5-8", 175lbs, 43, but young at heart. Call myself a 7 in ability. Ski 12 days out West and 8 days in the East. Spend most of the day on black slopes, but not the steepest. I pay more attention to form than speed and enjoy shorter turns. Would like to explore off-piste and more powder out West. Because I dont ski a ton of days, I concentrate on improving everytime I go out.

Maybe these three are not that close, but this is where my research has taken me. Unable to demo, just going to buy, shame on me.

Thanks, in advance.
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I demoed and bought the Metron 10's. Great all around ski.

I also own a pair on the IM75 chips, which although slightly different than this years updated IM 77's are somewhat similar.
I find that these ski "heavier" than the Metrons even though they actually weigh less.
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Those skis are all so different...for shorter turns I'd say the M10.
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