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Atomic 614'a on SX:10

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Just bought a new pair of Atomic SX:10's from a buddy still in package, have a brand new pair of Atomic Device SX 614's bindings, does anyone know if I can have these bindings mounted on the new SX:10's.?

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The Device bindings are meant only for skis with device binding TRACKS. Fortunately, I don't think they ever made a Device 614. The Atomic SX or Race (or whatever) 614, should work fine with an SX10.

Good luck.

BTW- if the binding actually says "Device" on it, 1) I was wrong, and more importantly, 2) you're S.O.L.
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I think the only SX skis that had the integrated device bindings were the SX 7 and 9.

I also agree that the Device binding only goes up to a 412.
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Agreed that there's something wrong with the binding model name as quoted in the orignal post. Leave out the word "Device" and it makes sense, and also works (I think) with those skis.
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