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World Cup dimensions

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Here is an interesting article to complement Heluvaskier's post on the WC Rossi.

It sounds like all of the slaloms on the WC will have the wide tips and approx 12m sidecuts. As the article implies, without the wide tips, the skiis would have to be extremely short achieve the sidecut. Should see alot of these available for retail next year. Hope to see Atomic 9.12 with 9.16 stiffness like Betaracer suggested.
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Great article but what is with this 11 meter sidecut? Most of what I see is the 18 to 22 sidecut, am I just ignorant?
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I am not very surprised by this trend. Ever since they came out with the short hypercarvers (like the Atomic 9.11, Salomon AxeCleaver, Head Space XT), the writing was on the wall.

I am however surprised that they have so many restrictions. Can anyone explain what all those restrictions are trying to achieve? If someone wants to do a GS course on a very shaped ski with a 15 meter radius, why should FIS stop him/her. :

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It is my understanding that limiting the turning radii is a safety issue to prevent injuries. In the case of a high speed GS on a very shaped ski could lead to injury in the case of being airborne and coming down hard on an edged ski. I believe this was also the reasons for limiting the radii on the speed events (SG, DH) which was done several years ago.
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