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I purchased a pair of Fischer MX9 I purchased at a gear sale and went in for some boot work today. Got the liner molded and canting adjustments. They also had a computer setup that analyzed your feet/balance/stance. It was quite interesting. You stand on a little mat and the computer draws a 3d image of your pressure points and weight distribution on the screen. it seemed to be right on as my right leg is a wee bit shorter than my left and the reading indicated I put 10% more weight on my left foot than my right.

It also hilighted the % weight distribution at various important spots on the foot. After some grinding of my custom footbeds and a few other adjustments I was near 50/50 on both feet in my boot and the pressure was distributed evenly and within the tolerated range for a 'flat stance'. Based on the analysis the fitter reccomended I also get some canting work done on my right ski and since I am going with a pre mounted head railflex model they reccomend I come back for some more work when i get the ski or use a couple strips of duct tape on the right side of the right boot to cant in about 1 degree.

I was pretty impressed with the process. In the past the tech would just look at my feet, my stance, and use a protractor to measure my cant. This was pretty accurate and I could see it all on the monitor. 30 minutes of work was all it really took and it was free with my new boots and i already had customer footbeds.