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I have a meeting in LA right after Thansgiving week of 11/28. Would love to get two days in at Mammoth while I'm out there. Lat year's phenomenal late Oct. snow allowed for first turns on 11/4 when I was there. Obviously that was an aberration of what to expect. Late November represent decent prospects for Mammoth to have enough skiing open to justify the drive up?
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Why not? The advantage you have is you are flexible cause you are driving. If it snows, drive up and carve, if not, go to the nearest bar and have a few margaritas instead.
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I'm all in favor of early season skiing if I haven't committed $ up front and can decide based on actual conditions (Oct. 30, Nov 13-14 last year).

For Mammoth I do have detailed long term info for 37 years. On Dec. 1 20% of seasons will be at or close to full operation like last year. 35% of seasons will be less than 30% open and not worth the drive from L.A. Average percent of terrain open is 50%.

Computer programs allow one's OCD to be expanded, but more efficiently. Those monthly percent of skiing stats are now one of many byproducts of a set of programs that take about 2-3 hours to input the past season's data and run once at the end of each ski season. Many of the others are detailed on my website
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