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new look bindings..?

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Are the new px 12 bindings pretty much the same as the old 05 p12's.I have only seen pictures on the web, do you think the new design is better or not so good? I run p12's on my explosiv's and realy like them,thanks.
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The Look/Rossignol bindings (except for the race ones) have been changed for this year. They're now called the PX series (Look) and Axial2 (Rossi). I believe they kept the toe piece, but the heel piece is significantly redesigned. They've removed the pivot/turntable design. They're saying it has something like a 30% better contact with the boot and other stuff.
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Actually, the new Looks are the PX, old P,
otherwise the info CI gave is good.
They are claiming the new heel provides
better downward pressure.
There are shops that bought up
plenty of P series bindings and
they are out there for a good price.
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I have a pair... big dif. is the heel forward pressure is now controled more like a soli binding; I love the Pivots, but some times the forward pressure screw would not stay tight. this helps to address that!
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