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skis for 11 year old

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I saw a pair of Fischer 3.3 w/ FS 10 bindings....$200. Is this ok for 11 year old agrresssive all mt skier that weighs 80 lbs? Should he be in an adult ski or jr ski?
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Aggressive is a pretty vague term. Most kids fit that category! Ability (skill level) is the what you want to look at.

I've seen some kids that got out of a level one class at the end of the day peering over the lip of some scary stuff and then "twist & turn & crash & burn".

80 pounds @ 11 is still junior material. There is a wide range of skis within the junior and adult ranks; life ain't that simple. Kinda like cars .... they start at Yugo and end at McClaren or Enzo!
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The 11 year old is rising level 2.
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A "rising level 2", I an assuming you are talking PSIA levels here is hardly an "all mountain" skier.

I know that it is rough when you look at the budget and try to second guess the growth rate of the kid and their advancement but the best advice is to take a hard and honest look at your ski plans. How much time you and he will spend on snow.

Go down to a good shop, not one of the high volume retailers or "big box" (in ski terms), and ask about the seasonal rental program. Some of the good shops in New Jersey and New York offer a variety of choices and all are pretty darned good deals when you cost it out. goes something like:

Run of the mill "fleet rental" gear .... skis, boot and poles for about $120/150 per season ..

Better quality skis, boots ... poles are about the same, for not much more.

Race ... skis and boots, still a bargain

The shops don't loose on these deals cause the better quality stuff can be cycled back into the rental fleet when returned.

Then you are not stuck with a garage full of outgrown skis that you are going to loose money on and your kid is on gear that will be right for them at that period in time. Free adjustment is usually included if a change needs to be made at mid-season.

No ..... I don't work for a shop, but have gone through this with two kids.
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drtuth, when you say level 2 are you talking about the levels 1-3 on rental forms and at ski shops when they are asking you so that they have an idea what DIN to set the bindings at? Because level 2 on the ski school sense is pretty much beginner level on a scale that runs 1-8 and sometimes 9.
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At that age and weight I'd go with Junior gear.
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At 80 lbs. junior gear is a must. $200 is probably way too much money to spend on skis that he'll outgrow in a year or two.

Rentals are usually the best way to go unless you also have a younger child not too far behind that you can pass the same skis on to later. If that's the case then picking up a decent pair of used skis might be a good way to go.

That's what I've usually done with my boys' gear - buy cheap gear for the older guy and pass it down. It has saved me money vs. rentals but you have to usually be handy enough to re-mount bindings youself a few times, or pay a shop to do it, which can wipe out the cost savings of passing down skis.

If you're thinking about buying, I have a pretty nice ~ 4-5 year old pair of 135cm. Rossi Bandit X Jr. skis with bindings for $75. That would probably be the type of ski an upper Intermediate 80 lb. kid would need. Skis probably have less than 20 days on them.
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ya its called a snowboard...let go ...send on over to dark side
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