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Originally Posted by redline
PowHog - Interestingly the only time i saw some midfats was during a Dynastar dealer day when they had bought along a few Legend 8800's. Most of the dealers ignored them, but the few that tried them enjoyed them but didn't seem willing to translate that into orders...

Jedster - A lot of people are recommending the stormrider. I hadn't really considered it as it seems a niche ski, but obviously it has a good following. Have you skied it?

Matteo - You're right about the GS ski's :-) Most of my local instructors wouldn't be seen on anything but GS planks. One of our local stores had a full line of Metrons - guess how many they sold last year? Not a single one! By the way, I'm usually based in San Martino di Castrozza, but regularly ski other Dolomiti stations as well as trips to Austria, France and Switzerland.... Where do you ski?

Snowdan - I doubt I'd ever buy a 100mm ski in europe... I'm actually concerned that the AC4's 82mm may be too much of a compromise... The 75-77range is probably as wide as i'd want to go, but then again I haven't tried these ski's so i've got no real reference...

I live in Lombardia..if I stay in the Region: Madesimo or Barzio or Passo Tonale
Once a year I come over to the Dolomiti and stay for a week in Colfosco
Then I have friends in Valle D'Aosta (Champoluc) and go there once in a while...
Some years ago...a long week end in Austria (Galtuer) was also routine...
Like you, I am considering a mid fat in the 75-80 waist width, no more..let's say a 50%-50% ski...but like I said..go to skiforum.it and you'll meet people who regularly (according to the forum, I've actually not met them) ski 90+ waisted skis...
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Jedster - A lot of people are recommending the stormrider. I hadn't really considered it as it seems a niche ski, but obviously it has a good following. Have you skied it?

Yes, I own a pair of Stormrider XL at 174cm. They are 116/75/102 so pretty classic mid fat shape but built like GS skis (I've heard it said that ALL stocklis are built like race stock but I don't know whether this is true). If you do some research you read that they need to be skied fast and aggressively. I don't totally agree with that*. I think if you have strong advanced technique you'd really enjoy them. Very impressive edge grip and speed stability but good in the powder too.
*Although I'm 180lbs - if I was lighter or on 184cm maybe I would need to go fast to bend them.

Anyway, worth a demo.
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How much snowfall do the deeper resports get each year? Anything close to 500" like UT/Tahoe get?
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2/3 of that roughly. But last season some resorts in central Austria got close to that.
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Comparing US skiing to Europe?

It's the little differences.
A lotta the same sh*t we got here, they got there, but there they're a little different.
Well, in Austria, you can buy beer in a mountain restaurant.And I don't mean in a paper cup either. They give you a glass of beer, like in a bar.
In some parts, you can buy beer at ski patrol.
Also, you know what they call a White Pass Manoeuver in France?

They don't call it a "White Pass Manoeuver"?

No, they got the metric system there, they wouldn't know what the f*ck a White Pass is.

What'd they call it?

A Royale Christie.

Royale Christie.What'd they call a carving ski?

A carving ski is a carving ski, but they call it "le carving ski"

What do they call a Snowboarder?

I don't know, I didn't go to the police station...
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Brilliant stuff, WTFH!
But it's "maneuver".
"Over there, they throw around vowels like they're trying to get rid of them..."
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Hey Matteo, do I know you? I ski Madesimo too. Just to put in my two (euro) cents: I skied last year mostly on a pair of Rossi B2's (76 underfoot). I thought they handled everything I threw at them in Europe (I skied Madesimo, Engelberg, St Anton and Lech). However, with midfats, I think it's important to keep the edges in good shape. I feel like with my slalom boards I can let the edges go a bit and they'd still hold on the hard stuff (you know, morning ice in springtime?). The B2's sans edge are no fun at all. This year, I'm mounting my touring bindings on the B2's and I bought a pair of Sweet Daddy's (80 underfoot) to replace them. My friend rented a pair for a week in St Anton and was impressed. I think the 78-80 route is good for a single-ski quiver in Europe, provided you keep the edges in order. I've had a pair of Pocket Rockets for over a year now, but haven't found the right conditions here yet to use them. By the way, this is a great site for clearance gear:

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I ski mostly in Europe (Ischgl, Zermatt, Meribel) and for me, GS race stock skis do the trick. I stick mostly to groomed but last year in Trois Valees I was pleasantly surprised how well the Salomon GS LABs did in powder (I mean, they are long enough to float).
My brother on the other hand swears by his Metron M:Ex, he goes everywhere and even on groomed, he doesn't do too badly. I think the metrons are definitely more versatile (even the m:Ex), I dare to go only half of the places he does, esp. slush, crud, messy stuff (or maybe I'm just chicken).
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Barrettscv couldnt agree more that skiier weight dictates choice, i am 220lb 6'4" American but have lived/skiied in EU for 16 years. I just bought K2 apache Recons after skiing crossfires last year. They are great for me being heavier. My advice is that Rossis, salomons are built for the French Physique and Atomics vokls for heavier Austrians/Germans. Ditto for K2

French and Swiss skiing is much more ungroomed than the US/Italy and favours the narrower all mountain skis that can cope with ice and crud as opposed to very wide powder skis. Many of the recommendations on ski manufacturers sites seem to assume USA light snow conditions.

some food for thought but why not rent and demo a few???
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