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Tahoe Six-Pack SOLD-OUT????

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Well, I did it again, that damn special is now sold-out, something I thought was just a marketing ploy! SOL for sure, or....

Any other ways to get around those steep lift prices @ Heavenly,Squaw,SBowl, etc.?

Do the ski rental shops offer good discounts?

Or will I have to buy a "stay/ski free" pkg at each place to bring the prices down?

Any obscure or just hard to find deals you can advise on?

HELP !!!!!!!
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do a search, there are tons of threads on the subject

(1) http://www.snowbomb.com

(2) Safeway carries $39 Sugarbowl cards at the cash register

(3) at Squaw you can sign up on their website for $5 and every 5th visit is free http://www.squaw.com/winter/freqskier.html

on top of that all Tahoe ski areas have corporate discount programs and you can usually find a friend or somebody scalping them daily at any of the ski resorts you mention
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There are ways to ski for less money than retail 1 day lift passes.
And then there is the obvous, Go to the (Less hype) but very nice areas Tahoe has to offer. Mt. Rose, Alpine Medows, Home Wood , Sugar Bowl , Sierra at Tahoe.
Your other option is commit to Multi-day ticketing for the expencive area (Squaw Valley) To be frank, I never got the impressesion that you or your family were expert skiers, therfore you would not real enjoy Squaw as much as the other areas. If you have to go there (So you can tell those @ home you skied Squaw Valley)? Then show up mid-week for the half day rate. It will be affordable, half day is plenty of time, and then you will have a Squaw lift ticket and can buy the T-Shirt.

My 2 Cent. Hey Its all good out here! You will have a good time, Just get a place to stay and it will all work out!
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SquawMan, the Safeway Sugarbowl tkt, valid during 12/29-1/6?

MTT, no, we're not experts so Squaw is only for 1 day to get it under my belt. We'll also hit Sierra, Alpine and Rose each for 1 day.

Up to now best deal we've found is for Heavenly, so we'll be there for 4 days, hopefully not as boring as many other Bears have expressed. And then on to Mammoth for 5 days.

Do the ski shops (or other retailers/supermarkets) offer discounted lifts?
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