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Fischer MX Impressions/Ski Swap

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I was at a ski swap today and man was everything overpriced. It was my first time at a swap. There was real old and in some cases beat up gear going for serious cash. Someone had a trashed up pair of Atomic SX11 that looked like the edges were filed down to the end and the topsheet was all chipped and the running surface looked like someone took a razor to it. The guy selling it had $499 on the tag !

Also I sold my Rossignol B1 from last year for $300. Someone purchased it fast..2 hours after they put it on the floor it was gone. Thats good for me because in the new goods tent I tried on the new Fischer MX9 and was instantly impressed. I got a credit for the $300 and added another $100 and purchased the boots. I didnt expect them to have this model as they usually don't cary Fischer boots. I had a shell sizing done and went with the 27.0.

I still need to take them into the shop to get the thermal liner heated and my custom footbeds inserted and cut to fit the liner. They also need to can't the as I am bowlegged. I get the work for free though from the shop that sold the boots and they have a 1 year fit guarantee.

First of all from reading up on this boot I heard the the MX series runs big and this is definately true. I am used to skiing on the Tecnica Rival as I have a seriously wide midfoot and large instep. I would say the frontal volume area is just a bit less than my Rivals. The heel is tight and the fit is snug although they are very easy to get into. I had some pain on the midfoot but nothing they cannot punch out if the fit doesnt kick in after I get the liners heat molded and break them in.

I was reading the comments in this post about Fischer boot technology http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=12092 and man was Bob Barnes(I assume he is a shop shop owner) right on. Without my footbeds even in my stance felt flat and balanced. You can't really tell your feet are slightly angled out but there is a definite feeling that is very 'different' - neutral and evenly balanced accross the sole. I stood on one foot and no knee or ankle movement to keep balanced.

I took them home and stepped into my skis and switched boots with the rivals(mm length about the same) to see if I could feel a difference. Rocking sideways I noticed my knees stayed straighter and I didn't feel much pressure on the knees whereas with the Rivals they bowed in when I tilted the skis on edge simultaneuosuly and I had more stress on the knees. It felt like a more fluid movement with the MX9 on. Not spectacular but you definately know something is really different.

Anyways i thought I would share the info for anyone interested as this boot has been discussed before. I am an intermediate and obviously have not skied on them yet but I have enough experience to know the 'feel' of a boot. My first review of anything here.


The buckles and micro adjustment screw seem a little flimsy but then again I am used to the tank-like build of the Rivals.

The stance is much more upright than what I am used to and will probably take a little getting used to for me. I noticed some comments in the boot reviews out there in the press that this was one of the issues-not enough forward lean for some. With the Rivals on I also felt more support near the back of my calves. Then again I have not had the boots fitted yet.

It's hard to tell about the flex as the boots are at room temperature but I noticed nothing that would indicate the boot is softer than the Rivals(which I here many people comment that it is a little soft flexing).
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SkierXman Just for your own information Bob Barns Has been with epicski for years He wrote a book called the Encyclopedia of skiing He is one of the finest ski Instructors around. I think somewhere on her he may now be the head of a Ski School at Keystone? I for one have always valued his opinions on just about anything related to skiing. I would love to hear your impressions of the Fischer boots after you have put them to the test on snow.
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SkierXMan, which Rival are you comparing these to?
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Thanks for the info Utah..I am relatively new to the forum and don't really know too many folks.

Comprex.....The Rival RX in Size 27
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How does the volume inside the Fischer compair to the Rival RX? The Rival has a ton of volume, is the Fischer the same?

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barret...well the Rival RX has a larger rear support area and volume. The forefoot area and toe box were about the same but I would have to say the Rival is a wee bit larger near the midfoot. As far as the calf area it is night and day - overall the Rival has a larger volume when you consider the calf area. The one drawback of the Rival was I needed padding to fill the space near the rear as my calves are relatively thin but my foot is big and meaty. The MX9 has a snug fit all around right out of the box without any boot work done yet.

The boot tech did say the new MX line seems to work best for mid to large volume feet and people with small volume who tried a fit generally complained about too much space up front(which pretty much goes in line with my result). I think its probably going to be a good fit for folks with large feet but not too beefy calves.
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SkierXman, Welcome to Epicski. As you find your way around here you will come across some of the best of the best in skiing posting here. This was all started by one guy who had a love for skiing and wanted to Talk skiing with others. Over the years it has grown and become a force of it's own. Check out the Epic Ski Academies that are held every season. They are an off chute of just having great instructors post here. What this place is mostly about is waisting your time at work talking about something you love with others who are also dragging down The economy.
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Thanks Utah...I too enoy time at work reading the posts. I am looking into the East Coast Session this december,

One more thing about the MX9. Very minor and superficial I know but worth a comment...It is about one of the most butt ugly ski boots I have seen. I have no idea who designed the color scheme.
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I'll be curious to hear how much tighter & stiffer this boot gets in the cold.
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Originally Posted by SkierXMan
I think its probably going to be a good fit for folks with large feet but not too beefy calves.
Thanks, I'll have give 'em a try.

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