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head monstercross

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anyone using this as a tele ski? how does it compare to the 10-EX and the G41?
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I have not used it, but have talked to people who have. It requires a more aggressive technique than those other two you mentioned in that it is stiff like the others, but with less shape to help you turn. It is a burly ski!<FONT size="1">

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Hej Thor . Det er en fed ski med løs hæl. Formentlig god til dig!

Check www.telemarktips.com og se ski reviews.
Jeg havde et par i sommer, skrev en test af dem senere.

Sorry, I think I know this guy. Great ski. There`s a review of those as a tele ski on Telemarktips.com
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Hey tkruse. If you are not who I think you are then sorry
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