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Nursing seminars in ski resorts?

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My wife is a RN and her hospital gives her a couple seminar days per year that she can attend and are paid for by the employer to a certain extent. And I can wreak the benefits and share her room if I don't piss her off.

Anyone know of any company that offers nursing seminars preferably in or around Salt Lake City, Jackson Hole, Lake Tahoe or Whistler?
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If they still hold it...
Lake Placid Winter Sports Medicine Society.
All classes are 6-8 AM and then 4-6 and 8-10 pm.
Lots of time in between for skiing, dinner, whatever.
6hrs/day CME credits, discounted lift tickets, what more do you want??
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RN's usually like warm and sunny places... from what I've noticed so far. Good luck getting (most of them) out in the snow
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Man, if there had been nursing seminars at ski resorts I might have been still married to my first wife
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When I was at Keystone, there was a mob called SciMed who held constant conferences at the conference centre there, and block-booked lessons and lift tickets for the participants.
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Most of the better hotels at ski and golf resorts offer Continuing Education for doctors. You'll find a nice brochure with lots of stuff about "excellence," but the most important sentence is : "Pre-registration is not required." Maybe an RN could get into those courses. In NY, at least for engineers, the individual can choose any course he wants, but if he is audited, he may need to justify the courses he took. You may have to pay extension fees and take more courses if the Education Dept finds that the courses you took are not acceptable, but you can't lose your license. The risk of audit seems pretty low, or at least acceptable to me.
I'd like to find Continuing Education for engineers at a ski resort. A CE course and a USSA clinic would make the whole trip deductible for me. I'd even take an RN course on "environment of care" and use that for my engineer's requirement. The problem for engineers (and RNs) is that the market for vacation related courses is pretty small. Unlike doctors, most of us are not self-employed, so we don't generally deduct travel expense. We end up doing the courses our employers sponsor or reimburse us for, which usually are the cheapest local courses, or better yet, done on the clock.

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