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Anyone ever wonder where the name Yankee came from? Trivia time.
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Baseball team or Yankee Doodle?
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Originally Posted by Yuki
Anyone ever wonder where the name Yankee came from? Trivia time.
When the British took over New Amsterdam,renaming it New York there was a bit of animosity between the Dutch and the British settlers. Hence in english we have words like dutch uncle, dutch courage and dutch treat all starting as put downs of the Dutch. Cheese was a staple of the Dutch diet, and the British used to put the Dutch down saying "Look it's John Cheese". The Dutch used to throw this insult back at the British - John = Jahn, Cheese = Kees. Hence "Jahnkees" or Yankees was born.

During the time of heavy Dutch settlement in the New York area a common surname waa Janke (pronounced Yan-kee). Those damn Yankees is a reference to the constant influx of the Dutch at the time with that surname.

The team first appeared in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles and then moved to New York in 1903. The team was originally called the Highlanders for its Hilltop Park. In 1914, Jim Price of the New York Press is credited with coming up with the Yankees name.

ALL of this information was plagiarized
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We take so many words for granted that we use every day never knowing the origins and meanings.

OK ... another one of my favorites I looked up this year ... the origins of "OK" are pretty abstract!
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