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I need to continue to reduce my gear stash...

AT setup for sale: skis, bindings, skins

Very lightly used 04-05 Fischer Big Stix 7.6, 175cm length, 115-76-100 (21m radius sidecut). Sort of an all mountain/all conditions ski. Not the king for any one thing, but does well in pretty much everything. But, that means it can be used in the variety of conditions the backcountry will throw at you...from mid-winter pow to the steep spring firm where you need a quick and sure edge-to-edge ski. Also, will be at home when you want to ski it in-area.

Fischer made a few improvements over predecessors in this line, now having a more fluid, consistent flex and being 21% lighter, which helps on the uphill and with the swing weight when you need to make those jump turns. A carbon fiber chassis core construction helps keep the ski quiet and stable.

The skis have very few days, less than 10 total for sure (I'm thinking it's about 5), and a couple of those were spring/summer outings where I only skied one backcountry line. So, they've got a TON of life in them yet. Only minor/superficial scratches. NO core shots. NO edge damage; still super sharp, actually, since they've been used so little.

The skis are already mounted with the 04-05 Naxo nx01 randonee binding, size medium. This will fit a boot sole in the range of 280-340mm. This is the improved/strengthened/beefed up version of the 03-04 model. (They're a little dirty from the last summer outing).

I also have some new, in-box skins that to go along with this setup. Black Diamond Ascension Clip-fix tail attachment. Come with the skin savers (& storage bag, of course). These are 95mm.

Pricing: Just a few weeks ago on this board, I saw some older big stix with more days go for $250, so I figure these are worth at least that. I am regularly seeing used naxos and freerides going for $250-275, that are also more used than these, so I figure at least $250 value in the bindings. (From what I've seen, New nx01s are 400, new freerides/nx02s are more like $450-475).

So, with that thinking in mind, I'd go $575 for skis/bindings and skins, or best offer. I MIGHT be willing to break up parts of this setup, but not likely. At this point, I'd need want to find a buyer for each of the separate pieces if I were to break it up. I'd be most apt to sell the skins and skis/bindings as two separate deals...but don't want to break up the skis/bindings.

Prefer contact by email:

scott_p_thomson (notice no "p" in thomson)


yahoo DOT com