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Question for Beta Race

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First off-thank you for the message. I wanted to catch you while you were still maybe near your computer. Don't mean to be pushy--but hoping to buy these 10.EX's today--since there don't seem to be many 177's out there.
Question on length. I ski on 180 Beta Carvs-the 9.2 with the plate. I think they're great on hard snow--all turn shapes. Not great in the bumps--but that's ok.

I wiegh 158. I am 5"8'. So--where would one go with 10.ex from the 180--Beta Carv--up or down in length? From other post I hear the 10.Ex can be demanding so the 177 may give some more maneuvarability and be sufficient for my height and weight.. I know all these Beta skis are stable--so I could be ok on the 177. But maybe--I'll get more stability out of the 184 and not give up really anything in maneuvarability.

What do you think?Thanks in advance for your help. Have a wonderful holiday to you and your family.
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I'd suggest the 177 for you. If you stretch it out like a piece of chewing gum, you'd have the equivilent of a 190ish ski.
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