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Farnsworth: known head case. In trouble? Just throw harder...and straighter. He will implode in New York. (Remember Ed Whitson? Here comes the sequel.) I hope he's in pinstripes. Then you'll see the value of Tom Gordon.
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Originally Posted by ryan
Farnsworth: known head case. In trouble? Just throw harder...and straighter. He will implode in New York. (Remember Ed Whitson? Here comes the sequel.) I hope he's in pinstripes. Then you'll see the value of Tom Gordon.

He did alright for me in fantasy league last year.....So hopefully, he can translate that to reality!!!!
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Ortiz will have him for lunch.....

__________________________________________________ ____

BTW thinking a bit about my 04 world champs today....

Key players?

-3b Moeller, near certain gone....
-ss Nomaaaa, Cabrera, Pokey gone.....
-2b Bellhorn (mr ring my yankee foul pole - can't ya still hear it rattling?), gone.....
-1b Millar, Mink, gone.....
-cf Damon, likely gone
-lf Ramirez, likely gone
-Lowe, Martinez 1/3 starter, gone....
-boy wonder, GM gone
-Roberts, pr utility of, gone (tho coming back for Wells it appears)

in just 12 months...has a world championship team ever been blown up quicker?.....will the 2006 squad be better??? Remains to be seen....

food for thought tho.....maybe John Henry, Tom W and Larry really didn't like the "idiots"

I loved em
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gottsta keep up. thus ch-ch-ch-changes.

nomaaaah says now he'll play anywhere in the field for whomever wants to take a chance on him. since he hurt the wrist, the power has not returned; still at the "highly respectable" level, though. and ya wonder, having seen the bulked up physique he featured in sports illustrated a few years ago (http://www.cnnsi.com/features/cover/...s/030501lg.jpg), whether 'roids played any part in his success, his injury-proneness, and subsequent falling off in numbers. (i doubt it but who knows anymore.)

menk and the sox are still battling it out over who gets the world series ball he caught for the last out.

i LIKE the outlook for this kid:


"Ortiz will have him for lunch....."
and i think the yankees know now to WALK d.o.
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Gotta say, I like the Yankees starting rotation, especially with pavano coming back. Gordon wanted badly to be the closer...uhhh....sorry son, that job is taken.

CF is something they need to get a handle on.

Rumors out here are that Barry B. would like to DH. Can't think of a better place than the Bronx.
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Originally Posted by irul&ublo
CF is something they need to get a handle on.
There are American League scouts who say that Mariano Rivera would be in the top 3 best defensive Center Fielders in the AL......
What ever happened to that cloning stuff......how about 'Dolly Rivera' in center...
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Hot stove

Barry Bonds and Giambi

Thatd be nice

What happened to Tori Hunter he's your answer Yanks....not short armed Damon....

Who was it that scored from 2nd on a fly ball to Damon in the triangle?

That was amazing.

Hot stove should start heating up this week

Stay tuned! This is gonna be good!
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mo nomaaah

NY Times

December 6, 2005

Garciaparra in Pinstripes? It's Not That Far-Fetched


DALLAS, Dec. 5 - There is no obvious place to put him, and he is not an immediate priority. But as they sift through a weak free-agent market, the Yankees are intrigued by a familiar name: Nomar Garciaparra.
Two years ago, Garciaparra, the Cubs infielder, would have qualified as a megawatt star at the winter meetings, but injuries have diminished his market value. Still, his agent, Arn Tellem, has contacted teams and found enough interest to make the trip here to meet clubs in person.
"There are probably a half-dozen teams that have expressed interest in him," Tellem said in a telephone interview. "It's starting to pick up. That's why I'm going to Dallas. I have a number of meetings with teams to talk about him."
Tellem would not name the teams, but Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman said Tellem had called him about Garciaparra. He would get little playing time on the left side of the infield with the Yankees, but Garciaparra could conceivably play every day at other positions.
"Teams have asked him, in general, about the outfield, first base, second base," Tellem said. "He's pretty open to any position other than catcher and pitcher."
Garciaparra has played in fewer than half his team's games the last two seasons, and the Yankees would have to be confident in his ability to play in the field. Cashman said he did not want to give Manager Joe Torre another designated hitter.
"That's the last thing I want to get, to be honest," Cashman said, adding later, "I'd like to have Joe be able to have a number of different players that can play a number of different positions, and a lot more choices if injuries happen."
Before the Yankees seriously address Garciaparra, though, they must resolve center fielder Bernie Williams's status. Williams is attending the winter meetings, and Cashman said he wanted to meet with him. Cashman has a scheduled meeting with Williams's agent, Scott Boras, who also represents Johnny Damon and reliever Julian Tavarez.
The Yankees face a Wednesday deadline to offer salary arbitration to Williams. If they do not make the offer, they will lose negotiating rights with him until May 1. There is almost no chance the Yankees would make the offer unless Williams pledges to reject it, which would give the sides more time to negotiate if the Yankees decide they want Williams back.
"Bernie would love to come back," Cashman said. "Bernie mentioned that to me when we got eliminated in Anaheim, and he knows it's not in an everyday capacity. We just have to explore if it makes sense."
The Yankees have made no progress toward signing Damon, the Red Sox center fielder, with Boras still seeking a seven-year contract. They also have competition in their lukewarm pursuit of another center fielder, Juan Pierre, whom the Florida Marlins are expected to trade.
The Yankees believe Pierre would be an upgrade over Bubba Crosby, but they are not likely to enter a bidding war for him with the Cubs, the Rangers and other teams. The Yankees have concerns about Pierre's low on-base and slugging percentages, and they have no interest in meeting Florida's asking price of second baseman Robinson Cano.
Wells on the Block Again
For the second winter meetings in a row, David Wells's name is a popular one. The Boston Red Sox have talked about trading Wells to his hometown San Diego Padres, possibly packaging him with Doug Mirabelli, who would help the Padres fill their catching vacancy. The Red Sox need a second baseman and could seek Mark Loretta in return.
Blue Jays Eye Burnett
The Toronto Blue Jays are hopeful of signing A.J. Burnett, the best free agent starter, and are believed to have offered him a 5-year, $55 million deal. J.P. Ricciardi, the Jays' general manager, said he thought they were competing with two teams, including the St. Louis Cardinals, for Burnett. The Cardinals are unlikely to offer Burnett a fifth year so the Jays should have the edge.
"Our offer's been there for a while," said Ricciardi. "I think anybody would want a resolution. Just so you can move forward, but we've waited this long. I think another few days couldn't hurt." (Jack Curry)
Girardi Wanted O'Neill
Soon after Joe Girardi was named manager of the Florida Marlins, he called Paul O'Neill, his close friend and former Yankees teammate, to see if O'Neill was interested in joining his coaching staff. Girardi said that O'Neill, who lives in Ohio with his wife and three children, was not ready to return to a full-time position in baseball. O'Neill is a part-time announcer for the YES Network.
When Girardi was asked about the awkward position he is in as the Marlins have cut costs by trading several solid players, he said: "It's going to work. We're getting good, young players in return." (Jack Curry)
Chicago Keeps Low Profile
The Chicago White Sox are the World Series champions, and they looked the part Monday. While most team executives had meetings with other teams or were working the phones, White Sox General Manager Kenny Williams, Manager Ozzie Guillen and Dave Wilder, the director of player development, were relaxed as they lounged in the lobby.
The White Sox are relaxed because they won it all, but also because they have accomplished their main objectives this off-season. They signed Paul Konerko to a five-year, $60 million deal and got Jim Thome from the Philadelphia Phillies for center fielder Aaron Rowand. Brian Anderson, a prized prospect, is expected to replace Rowand. (Jack Curry)
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Hot Stove On Fire!!!!

The complete dismantling of the 2004 world champions continues....

....and the bait is cut on last years blockbuster....Edgar Rentaria (rentawreck?)


Theo coming back per Peetah Gammons....

Oh man I love this game.

The hot stove is rockin'

(anybody seen any pinstripes around lately)

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The Theo talk from Gammons was interesting. Still need to fill some holes. You're right. This ain't your '04 Bosox.
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Originally Posted by hrstrat57
(anybody seen any pinstripes around lately)

Just keep looking in front of you.
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December 9, 2005

Nyawk Times

Can't Tell the Red Sox, Even With a Scorecard

DALLAS, Dec. 8 - When the Boston Red Sox finally finish cobbling together a team for 2006, it will be significantly different from the club that won it all in 2004 and came up short last season. No, these are not Theo Epstein's Red Sox anymore.
By trading shortstop Edgar Renteria and money to the Atlanta Braves for the prized minor league third baseman Andy Marte on Thursday, the Red Sox guaranteed that they would have four new starters in the infield in April. But they are unsure if Johnny Damon will be back in center field, they are trying to deal an unhappy Manny Ramirez and David Wells, and they still do not have a general manager.
The Red Sox expressed their dissatisfaction with Renteria by trading him, and they may have been sending a subtle message to Epstein, the former general manager, too. By unloading a player Epstein valued enough to invest $40 million in a year ago, the Red Sox stressed that a different regime was in place, even if many of the Red Sox people involved in Thursday's trade also worked with Epstein.
"Edgar is a very good player," said Craig Shipley, a special assistant in Boston's front office. "But when you get a chance to get a player like Marte, you have to look at it long and hard."
As baseball executives hustled home Thursday from the winter meetings at the Wyndham Anatole Hotel, Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees, was in the lobby talking to four officials from the Red Sox. Cashman could have asked them who was going to play shortstop for Boston in 2006. Or first base, or center field or left field. The Red Sox, in turn, could have asked Cashman about his hole in center field. But clearly, the Red Sox situation is far more unresolved.
Although Shipley mentioned Mark Loretta, Tony Graffanino and Alex Cora as candidates to play shortstop Thursday, the Red Sox were more likely to pursue the free agent Alex Gonzalez, most recently of the Florida Marlins. Loretta is a solid second baseman whom Boston acquired from the San Diego Padres on Wednesday; Graffanino was a second baseman for the Red Sox last season; and Cora is a utility player. The Red Sox offered Graffanino salary arbitration Wednesday, but he is not assured of returning.
Hanley Ramirez, a slick minor league shortstop, would have been a strong choice to succeed Renteria. But Ramirez was traded to Florida last month in a deal that sent pitcher Josh Beckett and third baseman Mike Lowell to the Red Sox.
Renteria signed with the Red Sox after they won the 2004 World Series and never seemed comfortable in Boston; he batted .276 with 8 homers and 70 runs batted in. Although he has won two Gold Gloves, Renteria led the major leagues with 30 errors last season. Shipley said Manager Terry Francona approved the trade.
"We looked at his time in the National League and we believe when he gets back to the N.L. in Atlanta, he will return to the Renteria of old," said John Schuerholz, the general manager of the Braves.
Whether Renteria does or not, the Red Sox must find a shortstop. Boston had entertained the idea of acquiring Julio Lugo from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays if the trade had been expanded to three teams. The Red Sox, meanwhile, agreed to pay $11 million of the remaining $32 million on Renteria's contract.
Marte, 22, hit 20 homers and drove in 74 runs for Class AAA Richmond last season and was ranked as Atlanta's best prospect by Baseball America. Lowell is slated to play third for the Red Sox in 2006, so Marte could start the season in the minors. But Bill Lajoie, a special adviser to the Red Sox, said he expected to see Marte play for the Red Sox in 2006, perhaps in the outfield or at first base, where Kevin Youkilis might see playing time.
"We see him as a future third baseman," Lajoie said of Marte.
The transformation of the Red Sox has been striking and will continue. The Red Sox did not offer salary arbitration to their clubhouse catalyst, Kevin Millar; they are unlikely to re-sign third baseman Bill Mueller, who was offered arbitration; they traded catcher Doug Mirabelli to acquire Loretta; and the left-handed reliever Mike Myers will reportedly sign with the Yankees.
Interestingly, Nomar Garciappara, who was an All-Star shortstop before Boston traded him in 2004, is a free agent. But after numerous injuries, he was being marketed as someone who could play first, second or third, rather than shortstop. The Red Sox could also pursue the Orioles' Miguel Tejada, who requested a trade Thursday. Boston was once interested in having the Mets' Kazuo Matsui play shortstop, but his stock has plummeted.
So the Red Sox will not have Renteria, Millar, Mirabelli and Myers in 2006. They will probably not have Mueller, and they may not have Ramirez, Damon and Wells, too. The Red Sox stopped being Epstein's team when he left the organization in November and, with each transaction, that notion becomes even clearer.
There were other significant moves in baseball Thursday as the winter meetings concluded. Closer Todd Jones, who pitched for Florida in 2005, signed a two-year, $11 million contract with Detroit, which was also closing in on a two-year, $16 million deal with the 41-year-old left-hander Kenny Rogers. Colorado and reliever Jose Mesa agreed to a one-year deal. The Baltimore Orioles and catcher Ramon Hernandez reached a preliminary agreement on a four-year $27.25 million contract. Toronto, continuing its aggressive move to become a factor in the American League East, acquired first baseman Lyle Overbay and the right-hander Ty Taubenheim from Milwaukee, which received the right-hander Dave Bush, the left-hander Zach Jackson and the outfield prospect Gabe Gross. And the Chicago White Sox obtained the Pittsburgh utility man Rob Mackowiak for reliever Damaso Marte.
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How about this rotation?

Roger Clemens
Josh Beckett
Curt Schilling
Tim Wakefield
John Papplebon

Arroyo to the pen.
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The Globe (w/ski notes at the end)

In short, it won't be Nomar

By Eric Wilbur, Boston.com Staff | December 14, 2005

It's odd. Perhaps the only team in Major League Baseball that has shown absolutely zero interest in Nomar Garciaparra is his former club, its fans already clamoring for his return to the Fenway diamond with a collective delusion rivaling Jack Torrance.
And the Red Sox are the ones that actually need a shortstop.
That being the case, it would appear a re-marriage of Nomar and the Red Sox should be a perfect match, the ultimate Christmas present for Red Sox Nation. Since trading Edgar Renteria to the Braves last week, names such as Alex Gonzalez, Pokey Reese, and Royce Clayton have been proposed to man shortstop for the Red Sox in 2006, resulting in about as much buzz as a sip of Malibu and Coke.
But while the Astros, Orioles, Dodgers, Blue Jays, Indians, Pirates, Twins, A's, and Yankees have all shown serious interest in the one-time Boston icon, the phones over on Yawkey Way aren't exactly burning with desire to see Garciaparra back in his familiar No. 5.
Even if some fans are.
As long as the hole at short remains vacant, or Garciaparra signs with another team, there will be vacuous hope among those who apparently forgot reasons why he isn't here in the first place. Let's not forget he could be in the midst of a four-year, $60 million deal with Boston had he signed way back when. Despite his facade, it was evident Garciaparra hated the attention and pressure of playing in a city like Boston.
Yes, reconciliation is always possible, but it seems so much less so in the world of multi-million dollar sports. The bad blood remains on both sides, a direct result of the team's pursuit of Alex Rodriguez two winters ago, culminating in the now legendary extra-inning game in Yankee Stadium in which Garciaparra sat on the bench and sulked like a 3-year-old whose parents had just mercifully outlawed any more of The Wiggles in the family living room. Within weeks, the man Ted Williams likened to DiMaggio was on his way out the door, dealt to Chicago, in only the most important move of the team's championship run.
Garciaparra, in those final days, was miserable in Boston, giving his team some of the worst defense up the middle this side of Edgar Renteria. And the more he grumbled, the more popular he remained with a certain fan base, who would allow him to scream obscenities in their ear and they would label it genius.
Garciaparra hasn't played a full season since 2003, when he hit .301, with 28 home runs and 105 runs batted in, numbers that whichever team signs him this offseason can only dream he'll amass. In three years since then, Garciaparra has combined to hit just 18 homers and drive in 71 over 143 games. He's certainly a risk, but one that comes with enormous upside at the price, thus the vast interest in his services. Heck, the Indians' went and signed Lou Merloni to help persuade Garciaparra to sign in Cleveland.
Yankees manager Joe Torre called Garciaparra yesterday with his customary recruiting call, a process he also extended to free agent outfielder Johnny Damon. According to Newsday, "The Dodgers and Cleveland Indians are considered the Yankees' prime competition, and the Yankees aren't certain whether Garciaparra -- a West Coast native who didn't enjoy the Boston media scrutiny -- wants to play for them."
Still, the Yankees' offer to have Garciaparra play first base, a position he has never played, and be what is being referred to as a "super utility" player, is the one generating the most talk. It would mean the GQ trio of shortstops, the one-time best group to ever play at the same time -- Garciaparra, Derek Jeter, and Alex Rodriguez -- would all be in the same infield, a novelty everyone would have scoffed at as some Steinbrenner-esque erotic fantasy a six-pack of years ago. Maybe Schilling-Clemens-Beckett isn't so outrageous after all.
It's at least less so that a Nomar return to Boston. That is not happening.
But the movement presses on. Former Napster founder Shawn Fanning, mimicking the Save Manny folks, has created Garciaparra.com, a minimal web site that asks the user to sign a petition to bring back Nomar. It's an objective bringbacknomar.com has as well, but they might want to worry about bringing a book on FrontPage back from Border's first. Countless e-mails poured in last week when yours truly simply said to forget about Nomar replacing Renteria. Yesterday, I received dual letters in the mail from a father and son in Leander, Tex, pleading for a Nomar return. Garciaparra continues to remain an idol with some members of Red Sox Nation, a title he more than likely would love to have disbanded from his name here.
Oh sure, he might be a better option than the likes of Reese or Clayton, dependant on how long it takes him to break down. But even if they wanted to, the Red Sox would have to overpay for his services now, or at least a lot more than they are willing, with so many other in the hunt as well. If my memory serves me correctly, they already tried to vastly overpay him.
Something to the tune of four years, $60 million? Ring a bell?

It was difficult not to snicker at yesterday's headline in the New York Daily News, and not soon break down into deep guffaw.
"Mets may trade for Miguel to get Manny," touted the story written by Adam Rubin. Really? No, not really. "Minaya was in meetings yesterday and did not return a call, but a Mets insider labeled such a three-way scenario unlikely and said all appeared quiet in the team's offices."
In other developments likely to be reported by the Daily News, Apocalypse may come next Tuesday at noon. Despite all being quiet in offices of the Higher Power.
In other efforts of hallucination, Jack McCaffrey of the Philly Daily Times ponders that the Phillies should go get Manny AND Tejada. Sure.

New Hampshire native Chris Davenport, star of many a ski film in recent memory, has a new goal this winter, to climb and ski all 54 of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks in one season. Kinda makes my need to work a bit more on the bumps this year pretty lame.
Meanwhile, the US Ski Team is in preparation for the Turin Games in February, and according to Filip Bondy, that is the only gauge for their success. Not the World Cup Bode Miller won last year. It means nothing unless he wins a medal on tape on NBC.
It seems a ridiculous conclusion, but Bondy is right. Unfair as it is, it has a ring of truth to it. Heck, Tommy Moe is still a skiing icon in the general public's mind because he had a good downhill run in 1994. It was also the only time millions actually saw Moe ski on TV. If Miller is good enough to win gold in February, there's no doubt some NBC tool, in between endless figure skating presentations, will tell us it is the greatest accomplishment of Miller's career.
Bet on it.
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Nomah to the Dodgers....


Ummm...Mia hanging out at Malibu in a thong....
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Man and I clicked that link looking for a pic - that is blatant flase advertising irul.

I'm happy to see him end up on the west coast - Nomar is still a huge fan favorite out here depsite the media's hatred of him, and I think most of us really would have had bad feelings about him ending up in pinstripes.
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Originally Posted by Vt Skier
Man and I clicked that link looking for a pic - that is blatant flase advertising irul.
Yes, IRUL.....I was looking forward to some Hamm hocks seperated by dental floss..
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Still no arm in center
Caveman in pinstripes.......uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhh

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Another mind-boggling waste of money. Bubba should stay in center.
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$13M a year for a career .290/.353 34 year old centerfielder with no arm? I'm happy the Sox weren't that stupid. It does leave a hole to fill, no doubt, but I would rather see that money go somewhere else.
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Originally Posted by jamesdeluxe
Another mind-boggling waste of money.
I agree. The Yankees will be regreting this down the road.

You'd think they'd learn.
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I have to agree...bad call.

Hey Cashman....here's some advice
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JD and the evil empire

One thing I like about epic, we got real yankee fans on here...not the front runners like I got here in NE.....

I think Cashman and Torre feel Jeter can go 50-75 feet further out for the relay to offset Damon's obvious throwing liability esp in Yankee Stadium. We shall see. If anyone can do it Jeter can, best relay man in baseball history maybe.

I like J Damon and loved the idiots. Bill Mueller one of my favorite players ever, but the idiots are over. Once again has a world championship team ever been blown up quicker....?? Can't think of one.

Tori Hunter is gonna make me forget JD real quick. C'mon gm by commitee let's get er done!!!!

BTW Yank fans to make you feel better WEEI sportstalk Boston is playing this like it is the end of the world. I don't agree....but you should gloat some and rub it in....the wounds are wide open at the moment. Have some fun

Lucchino press conference later today....should be a hoot!!!
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Once again has a world championship team ever been blown up quicker....?? Can't think of one.
Your memory doesn't go that far back I guess - remember the 1997 Flordia Marlins? They had a huge fire sale right after they won - eight of nine starting position players were gone the year after they won.

The difference between the two teams is the Red Sox are still keeping a level competitiveness - they are not making moves to cut payroll for the sake of saving money only. Personally I like to see a management team that does not make emotion based decisions that may negatively effect the team - this is much like the Patriots have been operating in recent years (remember Lawyer Milloy?). Sometimes a guy gets more than he is worth and you have to say goodbye.

Damon at $13M for 4 years I think most people feel will be bad deal in the end. Same with the Martinez deal with the Mets (although pitching in the NL should help his numbers)- and ask the Dodgers how they feel about Lowe? The guy I think they made a mistake giving up for relatively short money - Bill Mueller - a solid hitter who go on base and played good defense.

I looked it up - two years after their WS winning team the Yankees only had two of their nine starters - the Sox should have four (three if Manny goes). I'd say this is more business as usual than the Sox blowing up a team.
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Heres another one - which player would you rather have? Career 162 game averages:

Player A - Age 34 - .292 BA / .373 OBP / .425 SLG / 11 Hr
Player B - Age 32 -.290 BA / .353 OBP / .431 SLG / 14 Hr

Almost identical - one gets on more, one hits a couple more homers. Yet one got 2 years $4.5m/yr. and one got 4 years/ $13m a year.
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From MLB.com:

Shave and save? Damon, who is as well known for his long locks and bushy beard as he is for his skills as a leadoff hitter and center fielder, will have to clean up his look before he joins the Yankees this week.

New York has a team policy that prohibits long hair or facial hair below the lip, a policy that no player in the Joe Torre era has tried to challenge. Damon told WBZ-TV in Boston on Tuesday night that he would do whatever the team wanted him to do when it came to his hair.

"Without a doubt, George Steinbrenner has a policy, and I'm going to stick to it," Damon said. "Our policy with the Yankees is to go out there and win, and we're going to try and bring another championship to them."

With Damon expected to shave his beard before the press conference later this week, Philips Norelco has extended an offer to the newest Yankee.

The company has offered a $15,000 donation to the charity of Damon's choice if he does the deed with an electric shave courtesy of Philips Norelco.

Philips Norelco's vice president of marketing Elwin de Valk said: "As Johnny makes the significant transformation from a Red Sox to a Yankee, Philips Norelco, long known for helping men put their best face forward, is offering up our entire lineup of men's grooming products, a barber and a $15,000 donation to the charity of his choice if Johnny embraces The Boss' clean shave policy.

"We're so excited Johnny is going to be wearing pinstripes," he added, "that Norelco is willing to brave the NYC Transit strike and meet him anytime, anywhere if he wants to take us up on our offer and get a Norelco shave to benefit his favorite charity."
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a friend forwarded this to me

Batting around with Michelle Mangan

Life as Mrs. Johnny Damon has been one wild ride. Just ask her.

By Bella English, Globe Staff | October 1, 2005

In this Red Sox-rabid town, even the wives of the players are celebrities. And no one has been in the media glare more this year than Johnny Damon's wife, Michelle Mangan. Nothing seems off-limits as far as she is concerned: the size of her yellow diamond (8 carats), her alleged spat with Shonda Schilling (''it kind of [stinks] that people make up stuff like that"), the allegations that she broke up Damon's first marriage (''he was already out and dating").
And about those rumors that she once worked as a stripper, she says she and Damon are pursuing a retraction by the newspaper that first reported it. ''That made me mad, and Johnny was pretty [upset] about it. He has so many young fans. For them to see that . . . If it were true, I wouldn't care. I'd say it."
Mangan is as outspoken as her husband. His book, ''Idiot," which documented last season's World Series journey, was chock-full of shock, including the fact that he and Mangan heaved water balloons and pumpkins from their 34th-floor condo at the Ritz for fun. Earlier this week, Mangan spoke about her marriage, her work, her charity of choice, and being a stepmother over lunch at Game On! around the corner from Fenway Park. She picked at her steak tips, taking most of them home in a doggie bag. Either she doesn't know or, like her husband, doesn't care that some of her comments are sure to raise eyebrows.
She's a Missouri girl who met a Major League Baseball player she'd never heard of and married him despite her fear of ''the M word," as she puts it. She's even more afraid of having children. ''I'm scared, but he's been telling the whole world he's planning on knocking me up in February; that's the term he uses," she says. ''That's the time of year he wants because it would be born in the off-season and he definitely wants to be there and be part of it.
''I'm chicken. I'm scared about it changing your life. I can pick up and go anywhere now." She pauses. ''And then there's the pain involved." So does she or doesn't she want a baby? ''Just one would be fine. But I wouldn't be terribly upset if it didn't happen."
She's content to be stepmother to Damon's 6-year-old twins, Madelyn and Jaxson, who live with their mother in Orlando, Fla. In the off-season, the children are with the couple every weekend and sometimes during the week. Whipping out her cellphone, Mangan calls up digital pictures of the twins, noting that Madelyn looks just like her father. ''He's an awesome father; nothing phases him. But they're good kids, too."
She met Damon in a Houston restaurant in 2002. She was office director for a talent scouting company in the city, and he was a newcomer to the Red Sox. In his book, Damon wrote that for him, it was love at first sight. For her, it took a little longer. ''He was wearing all black and he had very, very short hair," says Mangan, who is 30. ''I've always been attracted to more exotic, dark-haired, tanned men." She adds: ''But I definitely thought he was cute."
Damon was not a household name at the time; when Mangan invited him to an event at a club, he and his baseball buddies could not get past the bouncer. ''They didn't have the right clothes on and their shoes were bad," she says, laughing. ''I had to go outside and get them." Damon's footwear that night? ''Tommy Bahama boat shoes."
Both of them say they did not date until after Damon was separated, though his ex-wife has called Mangan a ''home-wrecker." He told Mangan right away he was separated, with two children, she says. ''I was thinking, I don't want to get involved with someone with an ex-wife and kids." But when she was transferred to Miami by her company, they began to see each other regularly and were married last December.
''I did not break up their marriage," Mangan says. She has never met Damon's ex-wife, Angie, but Mangan thinks they could eventually be friends. ''It would help if she met someone," she adds, meaning a man.
She calls the past year ''the craziest" of her life, with the pennant race and Series, the wedding, the purchase of two houses, his book tour, and her new job as a contributor for the New England Sports Network. Only on her weekly pregame segment, ''In Style With Michelle Damon," does she use her husband's name. Recently, she agreed to be a spokeswoman for the state Department of Social Services Kids' Fund. ''If you touch these kids when they're younger, it affects their whole lives," she says.
Mangan's business passion is real estate. She bought her first house at age 19, with money she made working at Kraft Foods, where her father spent his career. She and Damon recently formed their own company, J and M Investments. ''I go out and find the properties, and he puts the money down," she says.
Recently, she found a lot on the river in Fort Myers, Fla., with an asking price of $1.3 million. ''Johnny was, 'It cost what?' But we're getting ready to sell it for at least half a million more than we paid for it." She flashes a Colgate smile. ''It's a gold mine, and I'm good at this."
Her own home during the season is a 7,500-square-foot house the couple recently purchased in Brookline, not far from Fenway Park. But they have left it largely untouched in case Damon, who will be a free agent at the end of the season, does not re-sign with the Sox. Her brother spent part of the summer there, overseeing the addition of a pool.
About her husband's future with the team, Mangan says he would love to stay in Boston. ''He would've signed at the beginning of the season, but they didn't want to offer him anything at that time. Johnny definitely wants to get it done quick. He doesn't want to spend the off-season negotiating. He wants to relax."
That would be aboard his 47-foot powerboat, which they plan to take to the Florida Keys in the winter, ''like a floating camper." And at their lakefront home in Orlando, where ''The Last Supper" painting, with Damon depicted as Jesus and the other players as disciples, hangs in their dining room. ''We really don't go out anymore," she says. ''We have the lake, the boat and the pool, a pool table and video arcade. It's much better than going out and drinking. We have people over. Johnny likes to grill."
In Florida, they're also into motocross racing. He has an all-terrain vehicle, she a dirt bike. Even the twins have a dirt bike with training wheels on it, and a small four-wheeler. The couple is also planning a trip to Thailand with Damon's mother, who returns to her homeland regularly.
Mangan and Damon both like Boston -- ''It's a lot prettier than New York," she says -- though there has been talk that he will head to the Yankees should the call come. ''I can't see him in a Yankees uniform," Mangan says. ''The only thing he says is if Boston didn't give him a fair-market value, and what he deserves, and another team comes along, he has to really think about it. This could be his last contract, it could be his retirement, his future, his kids' future. But New York? No. Boston would really have to hurt his feelings."
Her parents have been in town this week, making their first pilgrimage to Fenway. Mangan and Juliana Ramirez, Manny's wife, have seats three rows behind home plate, vacated when Nomar Garciaparra left town. Though she didn't know the difference between RBIs and ERAs before she met Damon, Mangan is now an avid baseball fan and attends all the games, home and away. Her favorite player (besides Johnny)? ''David Ortiz. He's awesome."
As for the nail-biting that is going on in Red Sox Nation right now, Mangan says not to worry. ''It will stay close, but we'll end up taking it."


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Ryan it is ugly here today in NE....I saw the charade press conference in NY live on NESN. Damon was very uncomfortable.....he said the sox were "dismantling" exact quote....Damon has gone from darling to devil.....he is gonna get crushed when he comes to Boston now!

I need Tori Hunter or Ichiro to make it right.....

The hot stove is on fire......supposedly Boros is back in Boston, sawx hot on Millwood now....does the gang of three have a plan? Troy Glaus? I want Ichiro!!!!! I am beggn ya no Julio Lugo....puhleeez... Rocco Baldelli we will talk....

This w/e will be very interesting!

and this summer is gonna be war!

Believe it!

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tori hunter, ichiro, glaus, millwood...all names i'd be happy to see on the backs of sox jerseys. for the money they gave him, they can have damon. knew it'd be LA or NY; like i said, dude's lookin' ahead to the next career. can't blame him. he'll make that offense something, to be sure. he'll chase down balls. his throwing has been discussed.

is hunter healthy? man, i'd swap damon for him straight-up. same with ichiro. we'll see where the chips fall but sox seem to have caught on: PITCHING!!!

back to this dismantling...

accurate term, i guess, but revamping seems more to the point. ya gotta keep up, and the sox seem committed to doing it. with today's money/salary structures, this is just how it goes down.

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Originally Posted by hrstrat57
Ryan it is ugly here today in NE....I saw the charade press conference in NY live on NESN. Damon was very uncomfortable.....he said the sox were "dismantling" exact quote....Damon has gone from darling to devil.....he is gonna get crushed when he comes to Boston now!

I need Tori Hunter or Ichiro to make it right.....

The hot stove is on fire......supposedly Boros is back in Boston, sawx hot on Millwood now....does the gang of three have a plan? Troy Glaus? I want Ichiro!!!!! I am beggn ya no Julio Lugo....puhleeez... Rocco Baldelli we will talk....

This w/e will be very interesting!

and this summer is gonna be war!

Just wait 'til Manny is a MET...they you will have Ortiz..and a bloody sock!

I am not a huge fan of Damond...but it does put Jeter and Arod back in their natural hitting positons...the Yankees may average 8 Runs a game.

Believe it!

Just wait 'til Manny is a MET...then you will have Ortiz..and a bloody sock!

I am not a huge fan of Damond...but it does put Jeter and Arod back in their natural hitting positons...the Yankees may average 8 Runs a game.

@ this point.....Sawx will be lucky to get 3rd in the East....still early though....a lot of Stove left.
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