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well i've been on a pair of head monsters for the last three years and am looking to go to a twintip. i ski mostly in pennsylvania, but will be making trips to lake placid and killington. additionally, i plan to go to school next year in NY. i thought i had my heart set on a pair of seth pistols, but after reading some im not quite sure if they'll be the best ski for me. the mountain i ride at at this year gets its days of ice, and im hesitent about the flex and the edges on the pistols. should i look into a set of troublemakers? pe's? again, i do most of my skiing on the actual mountain, but love going off trails, through trees, and do a fair amount of jumps on the trails/in the lower terrain park. thanks for any help

btw i'm 5'10 and 175 - 180lbs
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Where in NY are you headed to school? I rarely have heard of people skiing Pistols in the Northeast, I think they're just generally too beefy. Public Enemies have a great rep (I actually have a pair of 2004-2005s that I'm going to be mounting for this year that I can't wait to try out) as an eastern all mountain twin. I've also heard good things about the more all-mountain boards from Line (The Prophet 80 would probably fit what you are looking for most of what is out this year)...

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hurray, you finally found your ski: stöcklli snake!

the greatest ski i have skied so far. i just cannot afford it. great edge, fast....and the moist stylish piece of wood you could possibly have under your feet. i skied the 170, that felt solid as rock for my 160lbs.
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The pricing is so ridiculous for the Snake.
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