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'sokay really

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thanks to Zorro's message on my phone I must tell you all that I simply don't have a home tele line/internet access right now, as I'm switching over to satellite dish DSL. will be back when it's done and installed etc.

besides it's fall and the trails are GRIPPY and I'm riding a bunch!

later soon.
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Alright folks - line up for the public communal spanking......

Wait, that sounds a little too kinky
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Ya should told us you were going to be late getting home for supper.
Do you know how much you scared us??
Really dude, glad you are ok.
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trust me pardna y'all got some catchin' up to do.....lotsa rustla's round these parts lately.....barbed wire is down and coyotes are sniffin for sheep we gots so many of em we don't know what to do with em all. Us sheep doggies are defenseless against the onslaught. Many a fine little lamb has been snapped up whilst ya been gone. The masked man from missoula needs to saddle up.

y'all come back now hear...?
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