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Butcher in Park City area

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I am looking for a good butcher in Park City. You know, someone who sell venison, elk...game. Not Wild Oats or Albertson's.
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im certain there arr no butchers shops that provides the type of eats your looking for. All the resturants i know that offer those dishes, have their wholesaler suppliers(sysco Food service and Nicholas Food service) from slc get what they are looking for.
Maybe do a search of online phone books for the smaller towns around pc/slc and see what pops up.
Better yet just go hunting the game yourself, prep it at home, pack in dry ice and ship out to pc. Chances are it would be cheaper.
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Bummer. My family spends about 60 days/yr. in Park City. It would be great to know where there is a good butcher. Maybe Powdr, Mr Crab or Utah 49 can help?
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if they cant think of any, try contacting the Food and Beaverge people at the resorts, and maybe at Steins.
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There is a pretty good Butcher shop in Morgan, Utah called Cheddars, I believe. I am not sure about everything they sell because it changes, but they do sell great chicken and steaks. Morgan is about 45 minutes north of PC on the way to Snowbasin.
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Sorry Canyons, although I'm not vegetarian, I am not a big fan of meat and don't go beyond Wild Oats. Did you try looking in the Yellow pages in Heber? SLC surely has a few good butchers that you might be able to use on your way up from the airport or trips to LCC/BCC.

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Thanks for the responses. I was trying to get an "Alice's Restaurant" type thing going for this Thanksgiving at my place, but it doesn't look like it will happen.
...Last year, we did The Grub Steak. Before that, The Claimjumper. Maybe, this year, we will do either south western (Chimayo) or grill at home.
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Alice's ??? hey i know alot of si buns who would love to join ya,, and at least one trucker
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I get the Coleman beef at Wild Oats and great fish at Deep Blue next to White Pine Touring. I had a friend who was on a "Cave man diet" eating nothing but what a cave man would eat, game, nuts and veggies. He got his elk and buffalo on the internet shipped from Wyoming. He got very strong, lean and hairy.
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The only places for game meat are up in Wyoming.
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