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Looking for tuning tips...

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I'm a long time skier but have never tuned my own skis.

Can anyone recommend a book or website that provides good advice on basic tuning such as base leveling, waxing, sharpening & beveling?


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Hi SW-
Welcome to the funhouse of the web! Hope you enjoy playing here with us.

There has been a great deal of the info you seek, ofered over the past couple of seasons.
At the top of just about every page, there is a search function. Type in ski tuning, and I'm sure you'll get more info that you really want.

This will save us from having to dig up all the info again.

Again, welcome. Look forward to seeing you around!

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I'm a former Vailie and now reside in Burlington, VT but am trying to make it back to the Western Slope next summer for good.

Just got back from 7 glorious days at Vail. Conditions are dynamite.

I'll do the search as you suggested.

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As said, do a search for the real info you need. The best tip I can give is to wax often. Another tip is to dry the skis every night if possible. Separate the skis and keep them dry in a warmish location (like a mudroom). This prevents rust from forming on the edges, and rids the bindings of accumulated moisture.

I wax my skis after every day I use them. This allows me to inspect them so I can debur, sharpen and repair as required so that they are always in perfect condition. Since I use a very versatile universal wax, it is rare that I miss specific temperature. With all the skis I have, I find it easier to look after the one ski right away than to deal with five or more at some time later.
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I'm surprised nobody has answered your question yet. Start here Tognar Toolworks these guys sell all kinds of tuning tools and books. They have a section for tips too. Sun Valley Ski Tuning has tools too but they don't have tips for beginner tuners. The Downhill Edge in Burlington was a good shop when I lived it Vt many years ago. I'm sure they some tools. Having a good vice (I don't mean drinking and smoking, they are good and bad vices) makes it easier. I like the Swix ski vice.

Some of the tools available make it real easy to tune skis. If you have any mechanical ability it's easy.

Doing a search here will lead you to other sites.

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El Squeako,

Dude, I live in Burlington, I wax, I sharpen, I repair. Not only my own, but my kid's and most of his buddy's. Yes, definitely do it, it's very cool. I bought a lot of stuff from Tognar Toolworks, especially repair items like edge, ptex sheet, string and candle, ptex iron, and bulk wax (decade supply, at least). The Alpine Shop in South Burlington offers wax, tune and repair clinics, beginner and advanced, for free throughout the season. I went to one and it was very good. Get on their email list and you'll be notified. Also, go to the Burton Factory Annual Sale in August. I scored a vice, scrapers, stones and files there last year, very cheap. They also do demo tuning and repair clinics during the sale by the factory techs and although it's (shudder) snowboards, the skills are universal. You could also come over to my place and I'll show you how I do it. PM me.
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You've got mail....
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