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decisions, decisions

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whats up first time postin........ im about to move from bmore out to and work at moonlight basin (backside of bigsky, come check us out!). Before i get out there i intend to purchase a new pair of skis and bindings. i think ive narrrowed down my choice to either the 724 pros (170?) or m:ex (165?). Im 5'6", 150 dripping wet. I have been skiing since i was 2 years old, raced two years, and consider myself somewhere around a level eight skier. I intend to ski everyday, and was curious if anybody had any suggestions as to which ski/binding combo i should go for. I know i should demo, and realize that ski preference is relative to the individual, but once i get out there i just want to rip it, and am looking for that one ski quiver...any stories, suggestions tips? Thanks guys
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Welcome to EpicSki! And what a great opportunity; the EpicSki Academy was at Big Sky last year, and most of us got to ski Moonlight. Some of us became more intimate than others... Nice choices, and I don't think you can go wrong with either one. What skis are you coming off? What are you doing at Moonlight? What are you looking to get from these skis?
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Hey welcome to episki, EJ, and I guess to Montana too soon enough. If I were working at Moonlight, I'd tend toward the wider ski, but I haven't skied either of the skis you mention. I recommend something, but it would probably end up being a Volant, as I have Volants on the brain.

That said there ARE a lot of Machete Sins (which strkies me a a great ski for Moonlight, though I've never been there) coming up for bid on Ebay at reasonable prices.
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