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Getting Old And Sloppy

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Don’t ask me how another doe winded me this morning, but she did. I went in an hour before daylight to a climber in a hardwood grove…the oldest crossing area on the land. If the deer are not eating the huge white oak acorns there, they are passing through, checking scrapes etc.. I have taken over thirty deer in that grove, from does to buttons to eight pointers. The grove is really a ravine that leads to the bottoms. As with all ravines, winds swirls, and as light came up with the thermals, even though I was 25 feet high in the climber, she got a whiff. I would like to think she smelled me in the grass along the tote road, but I wear tall rubber boots.

That was about 07:45. I heard plenty of distant and fairly close shots. They continued right on through midmorning. I try to stay in the stand till around 10:30; I have killed deer in that area past noon.

At about 10 pm, the light was bright, and there was little wind. I caught movement….a deer was crossing the ravine/grove and headed for the pine stands to the east. As I peered through my scope, I kicked up the magnification to 5x, and I saw either a large doe or a medium buck…..when he broke clear of the grove, morning sunlight shone hard off of his antlers. I held just behind the shoulder and touched off. He bolted and ran for a short time, then he either fell or hit some bushes. As always, I waited at least twenty mins for him to expire.

As I approached the area where I shot him, to follow the spoor, I became very alarmed when there wasn’t any: no blood anywhere. I tracked and retracked, seeing water droplets, not many, but some, and knew I could not have missed. I became alarmed. The wild grass is about seven feet high and finding a wounded deer with no spoor is difficult. I then decided to start a search pattern, moving east/west. As I moved east along the pines, brown pine needles and scrub, there he was, about 70 yards from where I shot him, approximately where I heard him fall.

I had gut shot him, and the little 140 gr. 6.5x55 Sierra bullet had sailed right through. There was spoor/blood trail some twenty feet before he went down, but that was no help: I saw his white underbelly. He was a nice130-150 lb four point. Apparently he was tending scrapes; one was very near him.

The morning was very warm, and I duly suffered for taking one of God’s innocent creatures. My clothes, what few I had on, were soaked from the haul out with the deer caddy. Since I had stopped drinking beer to lose weight, of course, as Satan would have it, all I thought about as sweat poured off my nose was a cold bottle of beer, indeed, many.

Will hunt in the am tomorrow

Regards from the mid state woods of SC, Mainiac
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a caddy ...

You had trouble with a caddy? Get cher' self a big ol' lincoln wid the snow tires .... much better then a caddy any day for gettin in an out of da briar patch!

BTW .... that was written in a bit of a "Waldenesque" fashion wasn't it?
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Good story Mainiac - well written
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Well thanks Frau, I enjoy the woods immensely, with it's symphonies of falling leaves, birdsongs unknown, and wild incense of midmorning..... Oh, and Yuki I refuse to get an ATV; I need the exercise.
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Originally Posted by Mainiac
Well thanks Frau, I enjoy the woods immensely, with it's symphonies of falling leaves, birdsongs unknown, and wild incense of midmorning..... Oh, and Yuki I refuse to get an ATV; I need the exercise.
Who said anything about an SUV. I remember going through the bush in plenty of rear-wheel drive cars, and one that didn't even have positrac. Can't say that it did much for the paint though, and try and keep the sapplings out of the power steering belt .
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Have you smeared yourself with a fresh apple and then put the cuttings in your pockets?
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Yuki I use a climber to get above their marvelous noses. I have been hunting in a tee shirt....incredible for mid October.

Regarding the Waldenesque, sure, nature is a mighty poem. And when one scratches out a hunting tale, it has to have "sign."
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