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So the latest NY talk has:
Manny Ramirez coming to the METS for Mike Cameron. Manny wants to be a MET...and the METS could use him....Get ready for some Mannyball in left field...
Johnny Damon not being resigned....and let go.
Slight possibility of Tom Gordon to METS for Closer role.

Red Sox going in a younger direction and a transition year.

BJ Ryan coming to the YANKEES (Yeah baby )
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funny, after the sox told damon to g'head, buy a house, you're a lifer. we'll see. great offensive weapon and good wheels and glove but he may have the worst arm in major league baseball. i dunno, dude seems like a dodger for some reason. meh.

prob'ly time for manny to take it elsewhere. guy can rake with the best of 'em but... but...hmmm, gotta see how old cameron is. i know he can run, hit and field. reminiscent of ellis burks, who had a good time at fenway. makes probably half what manny gets. free up some cash, GET PITCHING.
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