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These ski boots are will fit a size 11.5 mens foot. They are great ski boots with maybe 2 days of skiing on them. I think they are from 02-03 but I am not sure. Here are the features:

Advanced Intermediate to Expert Skier. From carving to the new race cuts of Slalom and GS, the Innotec 8.1 is designed specifically for the newest shapes in skis. Designed for the good skier who desires ultimate carving but need a little forgiveness. 20% softer than TI RX (racer boot).

Endo Frame Carve Control Carbon Cuff and Arch Insert: This boot features a slightly modified 7 point weighted last to fit higher volume feet. Innotec's tecni-lite construction allows the shell to effectively wrap a narrower foot as well.. An Endo Frame co-molded carbon insert on the lower medial side combines with a co-molded insert in the cuff to provide a full lateral lever arm. The result is an increase in lateral rigidity which allows more power to the inside edge. The lever arm also allows the use of softer flexing plastics in the cuff. This results in better fit and wrap of the foot an a smoother progressive flex.

Anti-Vibration System: Reduces vibration by using special "Tec-Sorb" inserts in the heel and toe of the soot sole which filters shock waves through the Power Core sole to the foot. The reduction of vibration, in turn, increase comfort and performance while reducing fatigue.

Tecni-Lite Construction: Optimizes performance while reducing weight to a minimum. Allow better shell wrapping and closure.
Cutthroat/Monoshell: Allows the boot to wrap the instep and lower foot independently of the tibia and ankle.
Torsion Block w/Shell interlocks: For more efficient transfer of energy to the ski and to seal and keep water from entering the toe of the boot.

7 point weighted Tecnus Last: The Tecnus last is the most refined anatomical last in ski boots today. Based on the shape of America feet (big), seven critical areas of the foot have been studied when weighted and the last designed to accommodate these areas.
FIT System Tongue: The base of the tongue is attached to the liner with an elastic material that allows the whole tongue to slide up and down with the shin while skiing to reduce and uncomfortable pressure.
Heel fit Lock: Adjustable semi-rigid inserts enhance feel hold. If not needed, they can be removed.
Cuff Alignment
Flex Adjustment
Forward Lean Adjustment
Rear Spoiler

$125 or best offer, PM me offers