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Mounting bindings

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Well, the time is here, I got my skis FINALLY. I found the Rossi Saphir Classics in my length, online. I don't know exactly where I got the name, but I think it was via a yahoo search (but I may have gotten it here as well). I ordered them from www.warminghut.com. It is a brick and morter shop in Texas. I got a great price, as they are in the midst of their year end close out sale. To order, you have to call the shop (via telephone), so it isn't the usual online buying experience. The shipment was FAST and relatively inexpensive ($25 Fedex). The staff was great to speak with. They were out of the Rossi Axial Power 100 bindings, so gave me the 120s at the same price! My only complaint is that they charged me sales tax (but I have an email in to the owner, to see if they will reverse it).

Here is the question . . . some fool (me), knowing the skis were on the way, forgot to bring my boots home from my friend's house, (who lives at the ski area base.) We are going back up to ski in 2 weeks, and I had planned to have the bindings mounted here at a shop near my home.

The boots are a Lange I bought at a small shop in Austria 2 years ago. I KNOW that the measurement on my ski boots is 282 mm. Do I take the skis and bindings in to the local shop and get them mounted here w/that measurement, taking a risk on the boot/binding fit? Or do I wait until we go back up the mountain, mount them there, and miss the morning of skiing? (We'll probably only ski Friday, but maybe Sunday as well). It is my understanding that the shops like to have at least one boot to fit, when the skis/bindings are mounted.

How long would it take a good shop to mount the bindings? I could also call the shop in Big Bear and let them know I am coming, to see if I could get it done first thing Friday am (if it wouldn't take too long).

Regardless, Woohoo. Can't wait to ski them.

Thanks for all of your help in searching these out and answering all my questions.

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If you're certain the sole length on the boot is the 282 figure, a good shop should be able to mount the bindings to fit that length. It's part of a worldwide standard. They may ask you to sign a waiver to the effect they were unable to test them with your boot. Some shops may balk at doing this work under the circumstance of not being able to test with your boot.
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I agree with Kneale. A good shop should be able to mount your bindings for any lenth boot. But some shops wont even do it w/o your boot b/c of liability issues. If a shop's not busy they can mount bindings in an hour. Seeing that it's near the end of the season, I can't imagine many shops being that busy. You could try a get another boot of the same length and say it your's. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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Thanks gentlemen.

BTW, they are refunding my money for the tax.

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Can you measure accurately? Can you drill carefully? If the answer is yes, why not mount them yourself. It's not rocket science, despite what many would have you believe.
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Yikes FFF! Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I've never even seen someone else mount a binding. I'd be afraid to do it myself w/o at least seeing it done. I appreciate the thought though.

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