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Any get into this? try www.windski.com
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Another method of using the wind

ATSkier, that looks interesting. I can only say that I used to wind surf every summer off the Outer Banks, NC in the sound and the ocean.

upski ...also using wind for propulsion on snow... has been around for a while.
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that seems pretty crazy, though i bet its a lot of fun. Looks kind of like the new rage with surfing - kite surfing
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Keep an open mind.

If you have the windsurfing gear ( I got the impression it was small sails, 5.0 and smaller for ice sailing) this might be the way to go. I found it when I was searching for info on ice sailing. I had hoped to do some ice-kiting by now, but last year was more snowy where I lived than icy. I have a small kite to start it out and the ice skates. I also saw some guy doing it with a larger kite than mine two seasons ago on a small lake. It can be quite fast.
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I use to have a land sailer and with a 4.0 you could fly. I bet on a frozen lake that thing would be scary fast. But I wouldn't want to get slammed.
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What would happen if you took this sail ski down a slope? I can see doing Attitash where there are 70 m.p.g. winds some days. In fact when the lifts are closed, it might be a way up the mtn.
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I had one of these: http://www.picklehead.com/skisailing.html#message

in the mid-ninetys. Ran a 3.5 to 4.5 sail and 223 skiis.
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I think a kite would be the way to go..
As kiting on water gets more popular, more people seem to use them in the winter as well. Mostly riding snowboards.
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Try this link:www.mticesports.com for more information and plenty of pictures.
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