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Grab me to the forum?

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Hi I am Barbarella from Austria and want to participate to all your discissussions. Sorry for my not perfekt english, but i will effort!
Greetings from the Arlberg
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Hi barbarella... I'm pretty new here as well!

Welcome and enjoy your stay
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Hi Blaise, thank you!
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Hi babarella!
Did I see you on snowHeads as well?
Is there any snow in St Anton yet?
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Hi Wear The Fox Hat, yes that could be... No sorry there is no snow yet in St. Anton. It´s too early yet, but I hope end of november we have snow... Then the saison starts.
Greetings from the Arlberg
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Hi Barbarella !
You should, ahem, visit this thread http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=12764...
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Welcome Barbarella,
Here @ Epic we have come to appreciate PICTURES of our new members in frivolously scanty attire. I for one am looking foward to your contribution

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Originally Posted by barbarella
Hi I am Barbarella from Austria and want to participate to all your discissussions. Sorry for my not perfekt english, but i will effort!
Greetings from the Arlberg
You can effort all you want, Barbarella, and I'll enjoy it!!! (By the way, if you want us to correct your English grammar let us know.)
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Welcome to the Jungle, Barbarella!

Epic may not be the best place to gain English skills! Even the Bears who only know English mess it up.....regularly!

Enjoy your stay here!:
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Snow Dance

Can you do a bit of a snow dance for me out there please Barbarella - heading out in 68 days and I want plenty to play in......

(oh yeah...welcome)
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Hi Barbarella,

Welcome. I just returned from Austria (Graz and surroundings). Last Saturday I went with some friends to climb the Hohe Warte in Carinthia (Karnische Alpen) on the Klettersteig (fixed cable). When we got there the top half of the mountain was lightly covered with snow. Unfortunately there was enough snow and wet rock to make the free climbing sections pretty dangerous (I am not an experienced climber) so we turned back after the first section of the cable. However, with the hike up the valley and climbing we still got in 1200 meters. That one valley alone (like so many other valleys in Austria) would be deserving of national park status here in the States.

You live in a fantastically beautiful country!
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Velcume, surry my Austrian ist nut dat prufekt ether.
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"Grab me to the forum" sounds like you speak perfectly. Actually sounds like sweet music to my ears.
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What is a Hohe Warte? A big wart or a someone high on the warthog? Whatever, grab all you want but just keep your nails filed low.
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Don't mind if I do!
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Welcome Barbarella
Herzlichen willkommen ins einem das besten internet ski forums.
Siest Du, mein deutsch ist auch nicht perfekt.
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Don't cross the line.

She is Austrian not German. Is your German any better than your Austrian, Nobody?
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German as used in Southern Germany and Austria is very melodious and pleasant to the ear. There are few grammar variations. Some vocabulary (culinary mostly) is unique to Bavaria and Austria.

When Austria entered the European Union it was a matter of national pride to insist on a unique Austrian language being recognized by EU officials. The attempt failed as the differences between standard German in Austria and the German used in Germany south of Benrath line are largely neglectable. The result of the ensuing discussion was a list of some 80 words, most of them referring to food, cooking ingredients and plants.
The differences between the national standards of German are often exaggerated.

The language spoken in Austria is German.

Most Austrian dialects belong to the High German family - together with most dialects of Southern Germany and Bavaria. The differences between Middle German (as used in Central Germany) and High German (Bavaria and Austria) are often exaggerated.
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Welcome, hopefully you're not a troll.
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Originally Posted by ATskier
What is a Hohe Warte? A big wart or a someone high on the warthog?
When you consider it that way I guess my hike was right next to climbing the Grand Teton:

In case you are really interested here is an english web page on it:
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Greetings from the Arlberg
Apres schi beim Mooserwirt
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ein bier bitte, ich leib a dich! I learnt how to say this while skiing in Stanton and the Arlburgh. Gut hefeweissen!

alfeetrthesame! and Velcome
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MMMMM St. Anton. On my "to do" list for this season. Please schedule heavy snowfall and light crowds for the second week in February.
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"I can't help noticing the accent, You from Jersey?"


"Austria? You're kidding! Well, g'day, mate. What do you say we get together later and throw a few shrimp on the barbie!"
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Hey Si- are you on summitpost, too?
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Welcome to epicski Barbarella, I'd add some witty banter here but I'm feeling uninspired tonight. Enjoy your time here.
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Dein Englisch ist kein Problem, obwohl mein Deutsch auch nicht so gut ist. Wir sind gute Leute und unsere Seite is ganz krass.
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Gruess Gott!
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Danke an Alle (means Thanks to all)

Thank you all. I think i will really enjoy the time at epicski
If you want to know something about St. Anton or Austria let me know... Maybe I can help you!
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barbarella, welcome to EpicSki... I hope you get great snow this year, and one of these decades, I'll get over there to ski...

As regards your language skills, there are few here who actually speak or type well-formed English. So you'll not have an problems, I would expect. If you do, start typing in your native tongue and shut 'em up.

Once again, welcome...
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