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New Boot Advice Please

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Hi All,

I'm looking for new boots for this season and wanted your thoughts. I'm an aggressive off-piste skier. 5'7" tall, 160 lbs. I have a narrow foot, size 9, and need a reasonably low boot because I wear a knee brace. Comfortable boots that fit like a glove are my priority over fancy performance features.

Was thinking of trying the Kryptons. Any other recommendations? Also, for you Whistler folks, who are your favorite bootfitters?

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i cannot actually help you, but my first thought was: "what about women specific boots?" the stiffest could be stiff enough, shaft is supposed to be lower, the last narrow.
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get the ones that fit best
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Lange has a reputation for fitting narrower feet. Typically a low to medium volume boot. Check them out. Google for America's Best Bootfitters - that site is quite informative.
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Let me echo the words of" Wear The Fox Hat".
"The best Boot, Fits Best"
if you live by thoes words you can do no wrong....ya gotta go out and try on quite a few pair to find the best fit.
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I to have narrow feet. So lange and kryptons are good choices. Down in the store room in the basement, there is a box filled with this years ski budget. On the outside of the box it says Dalbello. The problem for you would be the height of the boot.
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Originally Posted by tictoc
The problem for you would be the height of the boot.
Please elaborate. Why is the height of a Krypton a problem for this skier? I'm also 5' 7" and I don't find the Krypton to be overly tall. They aren't any taller than Flexons and many other boots. I know that they "market" them as being taller, but they really aren't. In fact I found the new Tecnica Diablo line to be taller and more problematic for my legs than the Krypton.
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don't worry too much about the cuff height if everything else is working for you as your boot fitter can cut the cuff down.
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