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Dynastar Omeglass Team 64 and Look Bindings

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My kids ski on the Omeglass 64 Team with the integrated plate. One pair is mounted with a Look P10. While the binding is awesome its quite heavy for a 130cm ski. Do any of you look experts know if any other Looks will fit this ski? We'd like to put lighter bindings on the skis. My understanding is that the plate is predrilled for the Look P10 type of binding. Perhaps others in the lineup have the same hole pattern?

Also, is the Look P10jr any lighter than the standard P10? If so, by how much?
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the p10 you have should be the junior(there is a slight difference in the toe between adult and junior)
if you wnat a lighter binding the nova 7 or nova 10 should work with your plate...
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I'm fairly certain that its the adult version. Is there a visual way to identify adult vs jr versions?

Any safety concerns with putting the adult version on the jr skis?
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Bumping this to see if anyone knows the working difference between Look P10 Adult and Look P10 Jr. Also, any way to identify which is which?
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the toe on the P10 Team looks/is like the toe on the nova(lighter with less material than the regular P10) if you put them beside a p12 you can tell, they kind of look smaller or like they have been "carved"
they should(but not always depnding on vintage say team on them
the function of the adult vs junior model is the same there might be longer screws in the adult version which may or may not go through the plate and dimple the topsheet of the ski
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Waxman, thanks for taking the time to explain the differences.

I finally got off of my rump and went out to the garage to see if I could find the box they came in (yeah, I'm a pack rat). Sure enough, I have it. They don't say team anywhere on the binding or box, so I'm guessing they aren't the junior version. It seems that the weight comes from the heel piece of the P10 rather than the toe piece. So, I'm guessing that the P10 Team (jr) isn't much lighter than the P10 (adult).

I'm thinking of using those P10s on the Head IM88 I want to get so maybe I'll put a set of Novas on the Dynastars and everyone will be happy!
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on snow you would not be able to tell the difference but as you have already figured out a pretty good solution you are set...
i may have to remind you that the P10s would look great on a legend 8000 or 8800(there are wide brakes available for the 8800)
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...the 8800 is the other ski I'm considering.

The kids admit they can't feel the extra weight of the bindings when skiing. What bothers them is when they have to hike with them on their shoulders.
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makes ém stronger....
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