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Marker Piston 1200 bindings: Anyone with any views or experience.....

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Do you have any first or 2nd hand experience with these bindings? Do they really work or is it just another gimmick to selling bindings? Thanks!

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Is no one skiing on these things?
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Go to the search function on this site and run one on 'Marker Piston 1200' and look at any of the appropriate threads, I've definately run into info on this binding on the site and this may let you access other questions on your own rather than having to exclusively wait for real time responses. Good Luck.

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FFF... I've been on a pair since last season. Two words for you.. love them!!! Smooths the skis rebound right out. But, you don't really notice it until you're putting some heat on the skis, especially on steeps. If you'd like the flip side than search for the thread from last year on Marker sucks, or something like that. I'm personally a Marker fan. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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they work but like EasternSkiBum said you have to be working the ski, on the other hand you may not want to take the rebound out of the ski it just depends on what you are doing & like, also it depends on the ski, Iv'e got a pair on some axis x pros with the titanium sheet, can you say stifffff, the glides would have worked fine on this ski, now on the regular axis x they made a big difference but deciding when to have them on or off can be a pain, I also have a pair on my mach s we'll have to see how that works but I suspect alot like the regular axis x.
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have not skied them but I have heard they are great. Not in a student's budget
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Should have said I'm using them on a Volkl P50 Platinum (2 rods of titanium and a reasonably stiff but not killer tail). I can get the ski to launch me with the piston off. I get nice smooth balanced energy with it on. Helps me stay with the ski. I never turned the piston off after I played with it initially. But then again, I only had the opportunity to ski them in crud and some ice last season (we never got any snow last year). I'd probably turn it off in pow.

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I have them on my Bandit XXs....very smooth. Only got them late last season, so I've only skiied on them for about 6 or 7 days, but I really like them. Personally, I like Marker bindings (I also have the 9.1s on my XScreams). The dampening effect of the Pistons is quite noticeable. Late season (most of the season?) on the East coast was very icy w/ poor snow conditions. Switching the Piston on & off, the chatter on the ice & in crud was noticeably less in the "on" position. Carving turns was a pleasure....very smooth transitions. I have not yet had a chance to try them in any powder, but hopefully I'll get a chance before too long! :
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I ski them on my G4's. My only comment is that I have had to set my release setting higher with these than with my other pair skis (G31's w/Look bindings). This was after several releases that surprised me (But I ski pretty fast and on a lot of steeps where losing a ski isn't great)

It's basically because of this that I put Rossi (same as Look) on my new Explosivs !
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My opinion: The piston is more of a gimmick than not.

I have the 1300's on some Volants. They have a switch which allows you to disconnect the piston feature. I've tried it with the piston on and with it off. If it makes a difference its pretty subtle. It felt like there might be a little more vibration without the piston, but not enough to be sure it was caused by anything other than a change in the texture of the snow. They are good bindings, I'm just not convinced that the piston is a big advantage.

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When I first saw them, I was of JimL's opinion as well (i.e. they are a gimmick). I did some research on them, & my local ski shop contact had nothing but good things to say. Ergo, I decided to give them a try. I figured that if I didn't care for the piston-effect, or couldn't notice any difference, I could just leave it in the "off" position. I think how much of a difference you notice is a function of how you ski. I'm on the "big" side of the scale, & tend to ski fairly fast/aggressively. There is a noticeable difference in how the skiis behave with the piston engaged. Some of the difference I notice is undoubtably because they are on different & slightly shorter skiis than my non-piston bindings. However, I do notice the difference w/ the piston on & off. High speed/high G turns are very smooth.
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Since you ski XX's, PerSwede, as do I, here's the question: One of the things I enjoy most about the XX's is their liveliness and quickness edge-to-edge. How does the piston affect that?

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THANKS VERY MUCH for all the input. I can't believe all the great reports this forum has. You just can't get info like this anywhere else. It sure makes the decision process a lot easier.

I want to try these on my new Head XP100's - 177cm. I'll probably have to change the plate though. Thanks again guys!

Keep skiing faster! :
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Sorry for the delay in responding. Was busy all weekend (not skiing), and have come down w/ a cold, so my head's not been in the game.

I had noticed from your previous posts that you are partial to the XXs. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] Based on what I've experienced so far during my brief ownership, I share your enthusiasm.

To your question. I did not notice any change in the edge-to-edge quickness of the XXs. As for liveliness, the effect of the piston "on" is not really noticeable at low speeds, or when you're not loading the skiis much. The effect becomes more pronounced when you are really mashing the ski. It's not so much that the piston dampens the energy of the ski. Remember, a piston just stores the energy, not dissipates it. So what happens is that the piston compresses as you load the ski, then releases it gradually as you unload/unweight the ski. I've been trying to think of a metaphor that conveys the "feeling". Imagine a trumpet & a tuba, both playing at the same volume. The trumpet would be with the piston "off", the tuba with it "on". Or maybe how a car accelerates shifting from 1st to 2nd gear ("off"), vs. how it accelerates shifting from 2nd to 3rd ("on"). Does that make sense? If not, I'll have to go back to the drawing board.
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FYI: regarding the question of having to change your plate concerning the mounting of the Marker Titanium 1300 bindings, they already have about 12-14mm. of lift built into the binding.

If this isn't sufficient lift, Marker has a compatible plate for about $30.00.

I just visited www.markerusa.com website and looked at the various binding interfaces. It may be worth a visit. The $30.00 plate mentioned above may no longer be a possibility, for it seems that Marker's binding plate interface technology has gone way beyond that in just one season.

Leave it to Marker to again be on the cutting edge.

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