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K2 Escape 5500 (03's) -vs- Dynastar Intuitiv 74 (04-05)

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I'm 6'3", 225lb and currently ski the 5500 in a 181cm length. I ski in the east 20 to 25 day/year with 4 to 5 days out west/year.
My skiing ability has progressed to the point where I am "overskiing" the 5500's. The flex of the 5500 is too soft for my weight and ability.

I have an opportunity to buy the Intuitiv 74's in a 182cm at a good price but I don't want to be getting a similar flexing ski and be right back in the same situation. Unfortunately I can't demo the 74's prior to purchase.

Any thouhgts or opinions would be helpful.
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Their both great skis, but definitely a lot different skis as well.

The 5500 IMO, may be one the best learning intermediate skis I've seen. The Int 74 is a big step up in performance level and is a great "do it all" ski. I know many, many skiers who ski the 74 as their everyday ski and love them. At the price they can be had for now, they're a no-brainer for someone who wants a ski that's fantastic on hard-pack, but that performs reasonably well in softer snow as well.
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I agree whole heartedly with everything Coach said about both skis!! Great choice for the way you describe yourself and where you are!
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I have never used the 5500, but I do own a pair of int74 in 167. I agree that they are a great all around ski. They have a pleasant dance-like quality and are very versatile. They do a good job on hard-pack. They are a bit softer than many high-end carving skis, so performance on glare ice suffers a bit, but is perfectly servicable. Otherwise this ski has so few short comings that it is a steel at left-over prices.

I weigh 165-185 (ya, it varies a bit) and find the 167 very comfortable and responsive. For your weight it sounds as though the 182 would be just about perfect.

If you are looking for an agile, versatile, fun ski, this is it. If you want a stiff, railing extreme carver (Metron B5, SX11, Race Carver), this is not it. I love this ski and I think you might too, but I just you to understand jut what kind of ski it is.

Hope this helps...
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I am your size and just bought the Dynastar Intuitive 74 in a 182cm size. The Dynastar is very respected among pro level users, I don't think you will out-grow the ski as you continue to progress. Buy and Enjoy!


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