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Another kid's ski question

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Having never purchased skis for my kids...I'm struggling with what makes sense from a $/benefit standpoint. I've looked at the following jr skis (looking for 90, 110 and 140cm skis):

Atomic SX:7
Rossignol Pro Z1 T
Atomic Race 6

My kids are intermediate, beginner/intermediate and beginner respectively (by age) and we mostly ski beautiful midwest artificial hardpack, although a few mountain days (4 or 5) are in the picture each year also. I'm basically looking for skis that will allow them to improve (quickly) as they all are very athletic and pick up new skills rapidly. They won't be racing, won't be competing or anything like that, just skiing for fun. These skis all fall in a nice price range (from various B&Ms and online stores) so not having the ability to ski them myself :-) I'm looking for any thoughts or feedback.

Thanks for any help!
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Kids skis

Any of those skis will work for your kids. Most kids skis are not the same ski as the adults version. Only the colour and graphic top sheet are the same.

If your kids are not into junior racing or other higher end stuff, any of the above skis will do fine. What colour skis do they like best. There is nothing like being on skis you like.

Given your sizes it looks like a snapshot of my three girls last year.
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I just outfitted three kids, all still beginners. Here was my strategy...

Bought used from Ebay a pair of SX7 and Race 6 on Ebay. The youngest will buy a package from a local shop (using the trade in with half credit in 2 yrs deal). All three will buy boots from the local shop with the same trade in deal. I figured I would be trading one pair of skis every two years and whichever kid does fit one of the three pairs we own, will pick out their new pair locally. Worst case scenario, I end up with four sets of things in any given year.

I seem to be a much better buyer than seller so buying and selling on ebay was not attractive. We have skied a couple weeks doing the rental thing and after the last trip we decided we were done with ski rental zoo for three kids thing.
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How are the kids skiing? Wedges, stem christie, parallel? What boots are they in?
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Youngest is doing the plow, second is plowing towards the sc and the third is doing the sc moving toward parallel. Boots, Salomon T1, T2, T3 (all fit well).
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At those lvls my kids were on Rossi Rebels so I'm guessing the Rossi up above would be similar and would work fine. When they progress to parallel you might want to consider last seasons Jr Race skis. For example you can pick up last seasons Dynastar Omeglass 64 Team for $120 and that is a great ski.

I'm not familar with those boots so I don't know how they perform. When you are skiing with the kids watch them closely to see if the boots are giving them enough support. Last year I was working with a child that was having a heck of a time skiing. It was strange because she had done well in the past. After watching a bit I decided it was the boots and the next day we put her on a pair of Rossi Comp Jr's and the difference was pretty amazing. The boots she was originally in (I don't recall the model) were very soft plastic that just didn't provide enough support. We've had good luck with Ross Comp Jr's and Lange Comp series boots. BTW, I think its important to do a shell size fitting for kids.
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WHere do you live? Do you have a junior lease program? Its a great deal... basically $120 a year per pair... with most programs throwing in a free helmet to keep. I find its much more cost effective than the outright purchase. Check The Sports Authority, Gart Sports, Oshmans... This year they have all new stufff.

P.S. Kudos to you for gettin ur youngsters into a great sport at such a young age... If you never do anything else right... at least they'll have skiing.
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I have a pair of K2 kids Mod X 140cm with Marker bindings that I will sell for $60 plus shipping. very good condition, I'll wax and tune, too, and throw in my son's old helmet, if it will fit yours.
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I live in the middle of Iowa and trying to find jr equipment in person is about as easy as finding a Mountain (in other words, lots of online stuff). We have a Sportmart (Gart/Sports Authority) but they don't have any programs here that I'm aware of. Still, from what I've priced I can at worst break even with what rental costs and at best do much better - with equipment that's a lot better. From what I'm hearing, there aren't many differences in the equipment that I've inquired on...which is good. Boots, we definitely shell fit those.

Thanks for all your help..now back to our 80 degree weather.
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take a second look

Take a real hard look at how many days you will be putting on snow and where.

You indicate cost is a factor and it always is but skis for kids, especially three kids, is not going to equal a win/win proposition .... ever! I love the engineering addage .... Good or fast or cheap? Pick two!

After my kids first year, I was tired of the rental circus and the poor quality gear and when we were up at Stowe I asked the guy fitting my kids with the "better quality" rental gear what it would cost to buy it. The walked out with Rossi Viper Jr. skis (great sidecut) and boots and poles for about $120 per kid. It was used but it was better quality than the average rental crap and as I indicated, many of the better quality shops (not at the mountain), will have a second line of rentals. One plus here was that the Vipers had an easily adjustable demo binding and it was easy to pop my son from his 120's to his sisters 140's the following year.

All kids boots are marginal. There is probably not a truly good fitting boot till the smaller ones get up a few sizes, some are a little "less" marginal than others.

If you buy new gear at this stage you will pay a premimum and if you do the E-Bay number you will still be faced with mounting costs ... AND ... a few shops I know are charging a lot of $$$ for mounting gear purchased elsewhere and I don't blame them. A shop that I used to deal with wanted to charge me $75 for mounting bindings that I was buying from them but on skis that I "bought" elsewhere. Can you blame them for reacting to the loss of trade from all of the traffic and trade on the net? I would look into the cost issue where ever you plan to have the work done.

I wish I had known about the seasonal rental deals at the time. By and large I think they are the best way to go for a beginning family. Locally here the shops offer a multi tier system from a basic package up to race and they will adjust the gear at any time during the season (feet grew?) etc. and the prices were pretty good too even for the better packages. If you could start and end your season at the same hill/mountain, I'd give a few shops in that area a call. Pick the stuff up on the first trip and drop it off on the last?

I have lost a small fortune on purchases. On two occasions, on race skis that he hated and grabbed his rock skis for training instead. If my kid was a whiner or "piss and moan" type I'd have been mad as hell ... but he isn't so I had to pony up and take a beating.
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