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I will 2nd Porcupine for good food and good times fun place to hang after skiing in the Cottonwood canyons. A good dive bar place is the Cotton Bottom Inn. I can get packed on Sundays with Locals coming back from a day at Snowbird. It might be hard to find But great Burgers and most of the waitresses have interesting tattoos. Once your in Sandy you can't drive more thena block without finding a KFC, Burger King , McD's Taco Bell or some other fast Food joint.
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Shanghai Cafe. In a strip mall on the northeast corner of State Street and 1300 South. I like it much better than Cafe Trang for Vietnamese noodle dishes. Very cheap, great flavors. Most regulars seem to eat the vermicelli noodle dshes(BUN). Huge portion for five to six dollars. My favorite is bbq pork w/vietnamese eggroll combo bowl. The Red Iguana is known for its moles. Their food is very different from New Mexico style but great nevertheless. Gastronomy's restaurants are expensive by SLC standards, but reasonable compared to most big cities. Market Street Grill/Broiler is quite good most of the time though occasionally inconsistent. Big Portions. They want you to be satisfied so bitch if you're not and they will take care of you. Don't listen to the whining M*******. There is lots of good food in SLC. Sandy is another story though. All franchise all the time.
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Originally Posted by Latchigo
I went there too.

It is a Mr. Creosote-style place- 'Bring me ze whole menu... and a bucket'.
hey, just got the reference.

Is there any relation of red/blue iguana 's to the iguana cantina in PC?
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McGrath's Fish House (chain, but good)
Ruby River Steakhouse (ditto)

Both in Sandy.
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lone star taqueria on fort union around 2300 east give or take.
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Me Kong for great homemade Thai food,, 7800 so .state street in midvale. Try to get there when i have the time to, when i pass thru town.
And there is a great Chinese place in slc around 1300 so. state. it's an old fast food place , nd now puts out some great dishes at great prices. Dont let the 'dive' look fool you, the food is good. It has recived good comment from the local food critics.
for the locals, it's just south of wayne's gas staition, 13th and state.
For Itialian, Mr.Z's downtown on 3rd so,at state street.
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The meats at Rodizio SUCK, but the salad bar is excellent.

Had great ice cream at a local, old establishment (name???).

Best halibut ever at Red Rock Brewery, 5 years ago.
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Yes, the meat at Rodizio always tastes a little off to me.

One time it made me sick.
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I'm up there all the time, but usually staying with friends at Snowbird. I have been to, and recommend, Market Street Grill for seafood, Cafe Trang for Vietnamese, and the Red Iguana.

Red Iguana would hold its own in L.A., and blow away anything north or east of Texas. I've been to New Mexico only twice, but I've got to admit Gnarlito's right about the Southwest/Mexican food there.
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And glad to hear the warning about Rodizio. We hit one of those Brazilian meat skewer restaurants in Rio (Porcao in Ipanema) after Las Lenas and it was awesome.
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I'm interested in SLC restaurants as I'll be staying in Dwntn. SLC in December. I have seen the comment that the Blue/Red Iguana restaurants are good. However, I'm confused. Are they related, are both good, or is one better than the other. I'm going with my son who loves good Mexican food.
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I had heard that the owners of the Red Iguana had opened the Blue Iguana. Either I heard wrong or it appears they sold it somewhere along the line.
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owners of the red iguana opened the blue iguana down town a while back. it failed and accumulated a lot of debt in the process.
other owners came in and relieved the family of that debt in exchange for the name and the recipies ( moles, etc)
different owners now similar food.
red is a bit more authentic and used to be cheaper.
blue is downtown and you dont have to wait an hour for a table
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Cocina Toscano is terrific. Say hello to Walter (Vahl-TUR). When you eat there.
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There is a place downtown called The Olive Garden which is always good for endless salad, soup, and breadsticks.

It's delightful!
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Ummm....uh huh.
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Originally Posted by jstraw
Cocina Toscano is terrific. Say hello to Walter (Vahl-TUR). When you eat there.
yeah buddy
true resturanteur
always there, delights in his food and his customers.
him and his restruant would make it anywhere
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any of the brew pubs are great
Red Rock
Desert Edge (The Pub) at Trolley is my favorite. Get the chips and salsa and any of the beers The LDS, Hefe.....
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Originally Posted by spindrift
If it still exists, the Red Iguana had the best Mexican food I ever ate. I mean the best. Period. Used to be a major outdoor bum hangout. Low key. Cheap. I remember it being on N Temple between town and the airport.
Still there and it's good. They do a mean Mole'

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something that people staying in the downtown hotels may or may not know. Stop by the bellmens desk and ask if they have any discounts coupons to the downtown restruants.
My last couple of years living in slc had a part time gig at one of the hotels as airport shuttel driver, we were always pasing out discont cards to Squatters.
Other places will offer free deserts with a hotel referal card as they are called.
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Originally Posted by Lonnie
Still there and it's good. They do a mean Mole'

Best Mexican food I've ever eaten. Plan on a wait, though, with no bar to wait it out in. It's been discovered.

If there's a two hour line, there's a cheap burrito place a block up the street (Chile Verde) that's quite good.
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