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What does it for you?

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Face it. Skiing is expensive. It can be downright inconvienant to even get to a mountain. Yet, there's something that leaves us lusting for the next winter. Something, that for some, transforms the summer to but a dormant period between snowier seasons. What is it for you? What do you think of when you go into puffy white dreamland?

For me, tonight, it's the feeling of carving a turn. The acceleration you feel when your body and technique are in tune. God, how can you describe riding that edge and powering through a seamless arc.
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For me it's the same thing that initially attracted me to mountain biking (which I got into significantly before skiing). Either of these sports is just an absolute rush when you are really challenging yourself full on and ripping down terrain as fast as you can.

I also find both sports really stimulating mentally compared to a lot of other things out there. I enjoy constantly thinking through where I'm going and how I want to get through it. On top of that, getting outside and just getting exercised, combined with the fact that it makes the long cold upstate New York winter something to look forward to (especially after spending 4 years in Virginia)...

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How to list all the ways? There's the thrill of balancing only on two thin strips of metal slicing through the snow. According to aerodynamics, bee's shouldn't be able to fly, but they do; according to common sense, skiers shouldn't be able to lean way inside a turn, but we can.

The start of every cross-over turn is a matter of faith and trust -- you let go of the mountain, put some faith in physics and trust in your skills and (usually) without fail your skis come back around beneath you, they catch you, and you start the whole process over again. What other sport requires such a repeated leap of faith for the most basic movement?

Standing atop a trail -- whether it's a grooomer, a bump run, a powder-filled bowl, whatever -- there's a thousand ways to descend it (GS turns, straight run it, short turns, whatever). But there's only a few "elegant" ways to descend it. Elegant isn't necessarily technical perfection; it's more in the "I know it when I see it" category. The skier is just in harmony with the mountain. Now my "elegant" might not jive with anybody else's "elegant", but therein lies the great puzzle. Not only are your muscles working to execute your chosen path, but your mind is working as well to find the "right" way down.
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What does it for me?

Skiing with my family.
Nothing brings me more joy, than skiing down a mountain with my two kids.
If you ever see a kids face the first time they walk into Disney, thats the excitement I see everytime we hit the slopes.
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Just getting outside in the fresh air and listening to the silence. Then adding that little bit of adrenaline rush, like a bit of cinnamon on ice cream.
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For me its that feeling of weightlessness in bottomless powder.

Or the speed and centrifugal force when carving up the groomed.
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The silence and peace on the ride up with gently falling fluff. The sight of the blue lake beneath, glistening in the morning. The push of air on the top that almost knocks one over. The fog so thick that you wonder "where am I ?" The thrill of the descent, "am I going to make it?" The glory of "Ya, I did it" The ride home when the wipers can hardly clear the windshield from that stuff they call SNOW! Or the cold one or two after the day before the drive. The anticipated journey. ALRIGHT, ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!
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Seeing tiny dots bouncing back and forth down below on a distant piste, carving long perfects arcs, then stopping to look back up to where I was just a few moments ago, and then dreaming of the day when I'll be able to do the same in the back country.
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1. The thrill of speed
2. Experiencing nature
3. Camaraderie with friends
4. Life experiences with family
5. The challenge of the sport itself (I love skill sports)
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* The thrill of conquering the mountain - rather than the other way around!
* Actually using the expensive ski equipment - rather than watching it on a rack in my garage!
* The quietness and serenity of the mountains - rather than the hussle/bustle of the city!
* Participating in a sport I'm actually reasonably good at - rather than sucking at another I'm not!
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There's a very similar thread out there somewhere but this never gets old.

There's so many things I love.

1) Nature - The trees, the falling snow, the mountain.
2) The sound my skis make while carving a turn, the sound of other skiers in the distance, "clicking in."
3) Skiing at night under the moon and stars.
4) The view from the top
5) the snow flying from underneath your skis when making turn.
6) the feeling of accomplishment when successfully challenging yourself.
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When I first got into skiing, it was a great activity to do with friends. Then it was the challange I would place on myself to get better each time out and move on to increasingly more difficult terrain. Now, it's a wonderfull escape into a peacefull world. I feeling of flowing with nature, rather than through it. A chance to forget about my problems and marvel at the beauty of a winter wonder land where the snow as hidden from site all the trash and other decay. Almost a rebirth of sorts. Simply pure!
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It makes my street shoes out of this world comfortable. As well as ditto to just about everything listed ny everyone else ... it's a package deal.
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Freedom of the mountains, that is what I love and it is so much better when there is snow. I go into hiding when the summer comes. All I do is boat and fish and pretty much alone. Kind of like the quietness. But when the snows come it's go go go. Perma grin on my face and the days are much to short Lotta people luv night skiing here in the east but I personally dislike it. My daughter is quite fond of it though. Hell she is fond of every and any time she goes. Love the look on her face as we pull up. Pure delight. Man do I ramble, please snow , soon.
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What's more fun than flying down the hill with the wind in your face feeling your skis carving turns across the hill. Maybe a spectacular golf shot that in my case is too infrequent. I've been fortunate to be able to ski for a lot of years , and I am yet to find an activity that can compare to the genuine joy that skiing represents. It has been and continues to be the activity I would spend my last dollar on to do. The new equipment makes it only better and amplifies the enjoyment. I'm ready to get the season started. Plus my ski partner ust closed on a condo in Vail. He's got the financial resources , in true ski bum fashion I get a free room.
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It’s a solitary thing. It’s me and the mountain. It’s the mental acuity and the immediacy of each movement. It’s the rush in the risk, the trust in your skill and confidence, in you.

It’s the hush in the trees after a new snow and the scrape of sharp steel on hardpack. It’s the day growing old, changing sunny to clouds and snow and back again. It’s the chill on the chair ride and the sweat at mid run.

It’s a communal thing. It’s the fellowship of family and friends. The enthusiasm shared and the limits pushed. It’s the bravura and the promise of tomorrows shared.

It’s the hunger and thirst that is replenished and never fulfilled.
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A couple of favorites. The weightlessness. Seeing your shadow in front of you in deep powder. Don't forget faceshots,oh yeah.
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Im not sure what it feels like to fly, becuase I dont have wings. But I'm pretty sure it must feel alot like skiing.
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All of the above.

But the thing that does it for me most is the perfect run. It only happens once or twice per season for me. I don't think I had one last year. It can be almost any type of surface condition but it is the run during which EVERYTHING works. Every turn feels exactly right and even though I keep turning it on higher and higher it still keeps working. I enter a different mental and physical state where I'm truly one with my equipment. It's like it becomes part of me more than it usually is. My toes are the ski tips. (I have big feet.)

This happens many times for me for short periods, but when it is sustained and never breaks down in the slightest, that's beyond words. I keep coming back in search of it, like an addict.
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It's the incredible view, the vastness of it all - standing on a peak and seeing what God has created - breathtaking!

It's being with the family - My wife likes it and it is something that we could do with the kids when they were teenagers.

It's exploring new places to ski.

It's the rush when you go down a run that is on the edge of my ability.

More and more.
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Skiing appeals to my very basic survival instincts: power and control. I like the speed and the control.

I also like the feeling of accomplishment; there IS something I can do well.

I feel good about getting fresh air and exercise.

Skiing is an escape for me. I like getting away from the pressures of my regular life.

That's about it. No wait, maybe I do enjoy clearing the cobwebs out of my adrenal system every now and then. No I don't; I'm a reformed toad ("I'd say anything IN THERE" ).
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