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Burning music...

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I know this is probably not on spec for the forum, but since you guys turned me on to the internet archive, I figured no one will mind.

Ok, I'm digging around like a kid in the candy store, checking out archived copies of old dead shows. I've downloaded a bunch of shows-- amazing how much faster it is when I do it at work (we have one of the the largest internet pipes in the world) -- and I've burned a couple of CDs. Problem is while the CDs play fine on my computer drive, they do not play on my CD transport.

I have a high end CD player, but suspect that's not the problem. I've burned onto CD-RW, and I've seen some suggestions that CD-RW are insufficiently reflective for laster/sensors in most CD players.

Does anyone know if this is the likely cause or am I missing something else?

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That could be the cause. The problem might also be related to how you are creating the CDs. What you describe could happen if you have created what amounts to a data CD containing a bunch of MP3 files: it will play on a computer and probably on a standalone DVD player, but not on a CD player.

If you are reasonably certain that you are creating the audio CD in the proper format and are "closing the session," or finalizing the burn so that the CD can be played on a standalone CD player, then I'd try to create a CD using the same process with a 650MB CD-R and see if that doesn't fix the problem.

If using a CD-R doesn't fix the problem, maybe you could post some info about the software and the software settings you are using to create the CD.
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What Gnarly said, but also include info on your CD player.
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It is highly likely that the problem is with the CD-RW you are using. When you test this theory by burning to a CD-R, also insure that you "finalize" the CD-R (which doesn't allow you to burn again on unused space). I know that Nero and Roxio have this setting (as do most freeware solutions).
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Thanks everyone.

Does WinMediaPlayer allow you to close out the CD? Put another way, would I me way better off to use Nero or some other s/w besides Media Player?

Definitely burning audio tracks on the CD-RW, and did just find some stuff on the Naim forum outlining inability to read off of CD-RWs. So, I'll go grab a CD-R and see how that goes.

Thnx again

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Are you using Windows XP with version 10 of windows media player? If so, I dont think it gives you many options in terms of finalizing the disc, etc.

Try the cd-r and see how that goes. Now almost all computers should be able to produce cds that regular cd players can read.
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