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Traveling: Bag or Tube???

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Hey I was just wondering which is a better investment and which one will keep my skis in good shape? Any and all information will be very helpful.
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Do a search on ski tubes/bags. Lots of discussion on this in the archives but IMO tubes rule! www.sportube.com
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Tube it! My Skis love me for it. One thing if you do tube it, make sure you really wipe the skis down good, even if they are only going to be in there for < day. Don't ask me how I know... [img]redface.gif[/img]
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what ski do you want to carry, I have k2 axis x pro & mach s with the mod technology & the tube is a very tight fit, I have carried my friends screem pilot 10s in my double tube & they were not a problem.
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I am gonna take a pair salomon 1080 mogul skis, and a pair of salomon reg. 1080s both with look p12's on them so I think it will be a tight fit, but I am def. leaning towards getting a tube.
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Originally posted by bteddy:
...I have k2 axis x pro & mach s with the mod technology & the tube is a very tight fit...
That's odd. I can fit a pair of 184 10ex's and a pair of 190 Explosivs (ie, both fat powder boards) with Look turntables (ie, taller than most bindings) in my double tube with no problem at all. Are you sure you loaded them "base-out"? Binding each pair together with the supplied straps before insertion into the tube also helps in loading.

Tom / PM
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the problem is a combination binding height & ski thickness, my bindings are marker 1200 piston, it is the rise in the center of the ski in front & behind the binding, when you put the skis like they are supposed to go binding to binding tip to tail the bindings are tight against the ski topskin & very tight in the tube, so tight that I worry the skis could be damaged if dropped or crushed, I have not traveled with the mach s they are new, but the rise is smaller & I might be able to mix match the two skis, I have had my hands on several different brands- types of skis & I think this might be a k2 specific problem because of the extra thickness, also my tube is a double so I have never used a single, like I said the scream pilot 10s were not a problem. I am looking at another double to carry my wifes verse pilots & a future pair of powder skis.
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For road trips with the bag inside the car, I would consider a bag. For airplane trips, or if you want to place your skis on top of a car, I would go tube. I am not one bit worried when I travel on a plane, if I had a bag, I would be nervous the entire flight.
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bteddy - I understand what you are saying. My 10ex's are probably a bit thicker than average due to their "beta" construction, but I guess they are not as thick as k2's "mod" design. Also, the pow skis that I mentioned above have no significant riser or plate on them.

BTW, to get around any possible damage caused by the binding of one ski digging into the topsheet of the other ski, I just stick an old towel between them.

Thanks for mentioning this problem. Its definitely something to keep in mind when you are buying a skitube (ie, bring your skis to the store and double check that they fit).

Tom / PM
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If you are choosing between a tube and a ski bag I guess a tube may make sense. If you have a good ski bag already, I would use it really without much concern. Ski teams all over the world fly million of miles each year and as far as I know, all of them use bags.
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PhysicsMan I think trying before you buy is the deal my problem last season was I live on the coast in florida, nearest ski shop is 300 miles away, atlanta, orlando, tampa, take your pick, anyway I had two new pairs of skis my axis x pros with no bindings & a regular axis x with the 1200 piston, I had the tube shipped from denver & it came at lunch the day we were leaving after work to summit co. I was dissapointed at the problem of making these skis fit but fortunatley I still have a really good double bag. If the tube was a little taller they would fit fine, I talked to the owner of sportube & he was helpfull even offered to try whatever he could, biggest problem for him is to retool for this situation would be to expensive, does anyone know if the single has a similar problem, also there is another brand of hard case kis I think but I don't know any thing about them.
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I use a KIS ski tube (cause the inventor/owner is a guy I know back in Belfast). They are more sturdy than the sporttube ones (or at least when I've compared the plastic on mine against a friend's sporttube)
I can get my Axis X Pros with Salomon Power Axe Plus bindings in to the single tube, but it is a squeeze.
Using a bag may be OK is you pack the tips and tails out well, but I have seen a few skis arriving back in Ireland with flexible tips from falling/dropping off conveyor belts from aircraft. The other time I've seen people with bags getting concerned about the safety of their skis is in Vancouver Airport at the international baggage area. Last year the amount of abuse the handlers gave the skis was scary.


P.S. KIS = Keep It Safe. They also make ski wheels to make it easier to move your skis around resorts.
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I fly with my skis … um, well let’s just say a LOT, and have never had a problem. This southern season alone I’m guessing around 20-30 sectors. As Nor says, all the teams I know use bags. Sure, given the choice a tube offers better protection but considering the cost and difficulty in handling (for example if putting inside the car) I wouldn’t consider them worth it. We discussed this a lot last season so do a search on the archives. Ironically on a flight your skis are not likely to be damaged as they are almost always handled as “bulk” cargo so receive somewhat special handling.

I’ve looked for alternatives to the bag I use in other countries but must admit I have never found one outside Australia. It is about the width of a snowboard bag but 2 metres long. In it I put my skis (in another ski bag as the edges are sharp and could damage my other gear), poles, boots, jacket, tuning gear, pants, … well basically everything skiing related. If you took all my other gear out I’m guessing it would fit 4-5 pairs of skis. It’s padded, has wheels on one end and a handle on the other end (in addition to one in the middle). Very portable and convenient.


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I've used a Da Kine Dually Snowboard & Ski Travel bag for the past 2 seasons, carrying 2 pairs of skis & poles. You can also fit lots of clothes etc in it. It's a really substantial bag, it's padded and has good straps on it. I've never felt worried for the skis when it's being carried on a plane.
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I've had either skis or bindings broken on several occasions. Never by baggage handlers - they were always on my feet at the time

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I am still using the same bag I was given back in 1985. It is a long Salomon bag. I just pack the one pair of skis, poles and as much of my soft "non essential" clothes in it. Duct tape it up and it always seems to be there waiting for me at the airport. I have never had any busted gear and this bag has been places.

I did watch it slowly fall down an escalator at Zurich Airport once, landed right between two unsuspecting locals, lucky to be alive those two as it had my boots in it as well for that trip .... memo to self .... HOLD BAG ON TROLLEY AT ALL TIMES.

These days I have to fold one end over though ... shorter skis you see.

Oz [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I used a tube last season to carry 9.16's with me. It was a tight squeze but I managed. After being raised in an airline family I have heard and seen how bag handlers move luggage and I won't be using a bag anytime soon. Only i get to abuse my gear.
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Both the Tube or a bag work well. If I am traveling with only one pair I use the Tube. It has wheels and a pad lock.

With two pairs, I use a bag because a bag is lighter and easier to muscle into a car. I wrap my skis in newspaper before packing them into a bag so that they don't inflict damage on each other during transit. If you are using a Tube you can avoid topskin damage by inserting a piece of old towel or rag between the binding/topskin contact points.

Be prepared for your bag to pick up abrasions, grease and dirt from the baggage handdling process. Even a Tube is subject to dents at each end.

I've been transporting skis both ways on planes for years. The only problems I've ever encountered is having my skis sent to the wrong destination from time to time.
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Originally posted by Wheelie:
I've used a Da Kine Dually Snowboard & Ski Travel bag for the past 2 seasons, carrying 2 pairs of skis & poles. You can also fit lots of clothes etc in it. It's a really substantial bag, it's padded and has good straps on it. I've never felt worried for the skis when it's being carried on a plane.
I recently bought the Dually online. How are you packing your 2 ski pairs in the bag?

I have a pair of 10.EX's and a pair of Race Carve 9.20's. At first look, I haven't quite figured out the best way of packing 2 pairs, especially the fatter 10.EX.

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I have the Dually too. I'd recommend getting a box wrench and hex wrench and tightening all the bolts as my bag disassembled itself on my first trip with it. Luckily all the parts stayed in the bag so I didn't have to search for replacements. On our last trip, I brought my XXXs and my wifes ATVs as well as 3 pairs of poles. At our destination, Bonnie bought a pair of K2 T:Nines and they fit in there too on the way back. I put the XXXs and K2s in their own slots and then put one Dynastar in each slot. I think with 2-3 pairs inside the bag is too heavy for the bag handlers to abuse it much.
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I have the double sportube and tonight I tried to put my Atomic R:10 skis in for the first time and it was a VERY tight fit. I checked the sportube webpage and they list the dimensions as 11" x 5 3/4" and mine only measures 11" x 5 1/4". I don't know if they have changed them or I just have one that is a little smaller.
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One point to consider on the tube is if you send your skiis ahead of you by fed ex or other servers , is that some of them require that you have a hard case, also if you do salt water/ blue water fishing you can use the hard case for your fishing rods.
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does any one have any info comparing the sportube brand to the kis plastic ski case.I have a double sportube & was wondering if the kis was larger.
thanks bteddy
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