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boots and bindings

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Excuse my ignorance but do all boots work with all bindings?

I have tyrolia 190D bindings and am looking for boots. What should I look for. I usually only get out 3-4 times a year.
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As long as they are alpine skiing boots...

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Boots, the most important piece of ski equipment

yes to your basic question. Boots make more difference (and typically are kept longer) than skis, so get a good fitting pair that is appropriate for your skiing level and your foot shape. There have been a number of boot fitter recommendations posted here. Another source is the web site for America's Best Bootfitters. Once you select a shop, be honest with the bootfitter about what type of skier you are.
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except that the 190D has been on the unindemnified list for something like 10 years and no shop should touch it for liability reasons.....
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