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Fischer MX Boot Stance

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I was looking at an ad for the Fischer MX Boot for 06. It has a configuration that allows the feet to sit in a natural V position within the boot. Wouldn't this be a problem when the ski is put on edge? Instead of the force being distributed along the edge of the foot it seems like it would create a high pressure point near the inside toe.
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After reading Bob Barnes' comments about Fischer boots, I wonder if the newer models are any easier to put on and take off.

Any thoughts, anyone?
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Tried on last season's 9000 Race Ti at a shop out of curiosity. IMO It was not easy to put on and take off (but then I ski Flexons the convertible of ski boots.) It has a quality liner and quality construction.

The MX series is supposed to be user friendly with a softer plastic flap piece over the instep to make entering and exiting the boot much easier. Haven't tried on any of the new models though.
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The new freeride line of boots (the MX line), are completely different than the race series. They have less abduction, and are MUCH more user friendly.
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They finally have Fischer down here in San Diego. They carry the MX 9, MX 7, and AMC 73 and AMC 76 at Ranch Craft if anyone wants to check them out.
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The MX9 is the boot I'll be skiing in, and IMO, the best freeride boot out of the line. The MX7 is great for jibbers, while the MX9 is the best choice for freeride.
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BakerBoy: Have you tried the MX Pro? If so, can you describe the differences?
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I tried on(not skied) the MX Pro and the MX9. The Pro model has a snugger feel around the forefoot and a bigger power strap. The boot tech said the big difference is it is about 10-20 points stiffer on the fischer scale than the MX9 which has a Fischer stiffness rating of 100. Other than that there is no additional feature. The opinion of the tech was he doesn't understand the reason for the MXPro model as someone who wanted the additional stiffness over the mX9 would want to be looking at the Fischer WorldCup boots. They were really pushing the MX9 for freeride or all mountain and if basically had the opinion if you wanted more in the performance dept they reccomend the next significant step up would be going to the WorldCup. They were of the opinion that the difference was relatively minor from the MX9 and Pro.
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