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To turn or not to turn...

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Ok, so looks like Loveland is opening this Friday. I'm in Abq/NM and terribly jonsing for turns. I'm considering driving up Friday night after work and crashing in my car so I can ski Saturday....

Questions... How bad is opening day/weekend? I'm certainly not expecting some epic day of skiing, but... Is it going to be terribly super crowded? How much terrain will realisticly be open? Anyone else heading out? Anyone driving more than a couple hours?

Am I completely nuts? I keep hearing references to the white ribbon of death...

Thanks in advance!
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Hope this helps...

I live in Denver and ski opening weekend every year at Loveland. They always start with one run which has 3 names (mambo, catwalk, etc.) and the coverage is usually good. It's a green run which drops 1,000 vert and yes it does get quite crowded. Given the recent snow storm which received a lot of media coverage I imagine it will be more crowded/dangerous than usual.

Would I drive from NM?...Give the amount of time it will take you and the cost of gas driving here I wouldn't do it. If your going to spend money on a roadtrip, I say make it count. I'd wait until Wolf Creek gets pounded in the early season (they always do) and you'll have a shorter/better trip.

- Just my 2 cents
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I wouldn't do it either. I've been to a couple of opening weekends at Loveland and it ain't that great - one run with a million people on it. You spent more time avoiding others than skiing. It's barely worth me driving 40 minutes, so I don't think it's worth coming from NM. If you'd like to simulate it: put on all your ski gear, set up a slip 'n slide in your backyard, ask some friends to stand at the end of it, then run down and smash into them while staring at Sandia Peak.

I'll second the motion on Wolf Creek! Great idea for folks in ALBQ.

Why is it resorts can't open terrain fast enough in October and November, but then in April when 100% of the terrain is available they can't get anyone to ski? Bad mindset in the skiing world I guess.
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