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Perfect practise makes perfect

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My name is Chris Braisby I am a level III CSIA pro and a graduate of sports science. My particular field is skill acquistion and the retention of motor pattern movements.

I would like all pro's to give some thought to the cues you give your students to allow them to practise accurately, and improve quickly when they are not with you. After the lesson is when most people will either make progress or not. In the lesson they gain new knowledge and understanding. New skills do not become automatically ingrained (correctly) within that short time they are with you (complete beginners accepted).

When people go away to practise many will go back to 'old habits' and many will practise incorrectly but believe they are 'doing it correctly'. It is only later when they realise their improvement is slow that they know something is wrong. Will they come back for more lessons? Maybe, but we believe a high percentage don't.

Conversely if you know you are practising accurately this is motivational and will inspire you to learn more. Improvement of course will be quicker too which makes skiers feel good.

This has been the focous of our research for the last five years here in Banff and we have developed a solution to this problem which is being embraced by the CSIA. If you would like to know more please let me know.


Chris Braisby (BA Hons) ISIA
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Of course I would like to know more. While on the chair with my groups, I tell them how and where to practice and how to proceed from one point to the next. No one wants to practice the wrong thing until they have it perfect, so a follow-up lesson is a benefit to inshure progress in the right direction has been made. A woman with huge fear issues last season came to me late season and told me she doesn't need me anymore (mission accomplished).

Anything you care to share with me or others here or via e-mail would be greatly appreciated. rnwht5@netscape.net

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Well that's not got much spam in it.
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Originally Posted by Ghost
Well that's not got much spam in it.
or beans
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I'll bite!?? Word up eh?
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Hi Bud; Didn't understand your comment?
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Chris, I'm sure any ideas you'd be interested in sharing would be appreciated and considered by most of the group here. Welcome to the forum, and thanks in advance for your contribution.
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I was hoping for something much different and not some gimic or device for sale. Eventhough it looks like a good idea, the skiing demos need to be prettied up. The sholders are level in the "with" Vi, but the rotary pushoff turn initiation, big bend at the waiste and the up and down movement ending in a squatty position, take away from the positive effects of the product. The "without" Vi does show tipping in, back seat a little, but nicer to look at then the "with" Vi.

Just some obsurvations from a L3 in USA.

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My comment meant "tell me more" "what's the word"
"word up?" (American ebonics I think, it's a black thing)

they "eh" was to give it a canadian accent!

Sorry, trying to be lighthearted and funny again...
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