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Worth a look

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wow doooooooooooooooooooode that is awesome...
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I particularly liked the suggestions on super glue, chunky peanut butter, and tussin'!

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Anyone happen to see the kick-ass video put up from a Loveland Pass session? That is the REAL post of the day... hell, of the last 4 months. Knee-deep powder in the middle of October... wow.
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yep. that was worth a trip over there.

i also replied to the thing you dislike most of the tgr ski/snowboard forum. i said lack of skiing posts in a ski forum and was told by 1 to go to nuff said of where the skiers are !
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There is a lot of crap over there... but the actual skiing content is better than anywhere else on the internet.
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Spelling... what?
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i'll give that they have a lot of good ski pics and ski videos, but if i want a decent opinion of where to ski, what to ski, where to stay and how to get there; wins hands down !
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