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Fischer & Volkl demo shops in Catskills or Manhattan?

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Hey Bears --

Planning to finally get back out this coming weekend after our early season Alta/Snowbird getaway ....

I'm looking to pick up a pair of Fischer or Volkl demos for a day of skiing at Belleayre (who is having a big demo weekend this weekend). All in all it should be a good time on a great range of skis -

(Atomic, Dynastar, Blizzard, and Elan will all be at Belleayre this weekend -- I just got off the phone with the ski shop there. If any of you NY Bears would like to head up for a day, I'm carless - but I'd love to split gas, etc. Feel free to PM!)

Anyway - Anyone know what shops in Manhattan, or near Belleayre carries Fischer? Volkl? Belleayre's shop carries neither.

I'll need a reference ski for the day, and I'm looking for something light feeling, good at short/medium turns, forgiving but lots of room to grow - I should be making a late season purchase after all this demoing

Top two picks are the Fischer RX4 (165) RF, and Volkl EnergY 220 Motion (163) to base my impressions off of. (Sorry, don't own a ski in my league on hand - only a 188 cm Merlin V. )

At the risk of turning this into an advice thread...FWIW - I'm 160 lb (72 kg), 6 foot (183 cm), athletic intermediate (level 5, all the blues at Alta) that prefers short/medium radius fall line turns. But yeah - I'd love a ski that I could let run out into big gs turns if the coast is clear -- just want to get them skis up on edge!

Caveat: I don't want a ski that's gonna kick my a$$ if I get in the backseat - this will be the first time this season out on good ol' eastern hardpack, and as I'll already be challenging myself to make tighter cleaner faster turns, I don't want to wind up looking at the sky if and when I get back. That said, I want some snap - and find the usual rental suspects (Rossi Cut in the east, Salomon Verse 500 at Alta) too soft.

So RX4 RF and Energy 220 Motion - what do you guys think? Please fire away - and with shops info if you have it!
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Not sure if they have the skis your looking for, but; Snowbird Ski shop in Hunter, NY has Volkl demo skis, and The Pro ski shop in Hunter, NY has Fischer skis. Look up the numbers in Yahoo yellow pages and give em a call. Hunter is a ways from Belleyare, so you might just want to ski at Hunter if they have those demos.
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Thanks for the info Scruffy - I'll give them a call.

True, Hunter is out of the way from Belleayre - and skiing out at Hunter would make sense... if it weren't for the demo weekend I'm headed up there for in the first place at Belleayre. :

I've fired off an email to Fischer for a little direction on where all the Fischers in NYC are... maybe I'll PM Rusty Guy as well... Any one else?
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