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women's skis?

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I'm looking for a 150 cm range women's or kids' skis for for my sister. She's a moderate skier, not a beginner but certainly not aggressive and will stick to groomers; east-coast only; will often be skiing with younger kids; 5'1" and approx 115 lbs. I found some deals on some demos and was wondering if anyone has experience with these and could compare / contrast.

Volkl 724 AX2 2004 -- 149 cm w/Marker M1100 titanium

Atomic R:9 2004 -- 150 cm w/Rossignol Axium 100 bindings

Rossignol RPM 2.1 Jr. 2004 -- 150 cm w/Rossignol Axium 70 demo bindings

Dynastar Exclusive Legend 2005 -- 152 cm w/Look P10

Seems to me like any of these would be OK but I've got no first-hand experience.

Specific questions:

On price alone the RPM Jr.’s are the best choice. I don’t know dimensions / radius / stiffness but I’m guessing they’re a higher-end kid’s ski with a medium to long-radius if they mimic the adult RPMs. True?

The Dynastars are a wider waist but have a 15 m radius – to me they look more fun as an east-coast ski than the AX2’s and R:9’s, and I’d rather see her in Look Pivot bindings than Axiums or Markers, but she might not appreciate a demanding ski that requires a lot of muscle or speed to perform. Does it? Also it looks like these may be better for western than eastern conditions -- anyone skied them in the east?

I've searched and found some good info here on the Dynastars but would appreciate any other input.

Thanks in advance.
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I bought my wife new skis last year. After much thinking I opted for a pair of 155cm Blizzard Sigma RS junior GS racing sanwich skis with turnradius 14m. She could not carve before she got the skis although she has been skiing for a long time but after a couple of days on the mountain she suddenly snapped into RR tracks. She was quite happy as you can immagine

Same with my 7y old son. Bought him a pair of Head iSL RD junior skis and he suddenly smoked all his pals on the hill with RR tracks.

Problem with sanwich racing skis are that they are stiff and expensive but the ones intended for juniors are softer and cheaper.
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