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Arc'teryx Theta SK Pants

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My g/f is bugging me about a b/day & christmas present for me. I'm like, whatever.... so, she knows I need a new pair or 1/2-bibs, and is suggesting the Arcteryx Theta SKs. They're expensive (hence the combo bday and xmas concept), and want to know if folks have opinions on them. I checked out a pair at a local store, and they seem *really* sweet. But curious if they hold out well under stress.

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My experience is that anything that Arcteryx makes is the best out there- in design, durability, manufacturing quality, and service. I have the Alpha SV jacket, and it is like new after 3 seasons. I don't think you can go wrong with them- they design their stuff to be nearly indestructable under extreme conditions, and it has been true for me. You should note that their garments are cut rather slim (works great for me, but not for everyone).
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I got the Theta SK pants last year and used it for the season. I love it!!
Quality is excellent, and it is very functional.
Only downside is that the pockets are pretty useless, but I always wear a jacket so that's a none issue for me.

Arcteryx pants and jackets are super nice!
Wish I got one of their jackets too, but when I was shopping for one my helmet had poor ear covers and I needed a hood that fit over the helmet for long chair rides in a blizzard.. :-(
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I have a Theta and Sidewinder shell along with Theta SK pants that my wife got me last year.

I agree with paulwlee on all counts.

I have put some slices in the ankle area but that is going to happen from wipeouts and skiing bumps aggressively.

I think I can send them in to be repaired and patched but I will wait until next season.
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I got a pair last year and, like everyone else here, think they are great. You can't go wrong with Arcteryx.
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The Theta SK is an awesome bib. Watch out on the fit. I wear it in XL-short even though I've never worn anything in a short. It fits much different than the Minuteman bib which is way too big for me in XL.
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Question for jjdow: Thinking of buying these pants. So your experience is that the pants run about 1 size long, eg, reg=short? And how would you characterize the snugness of the legs (have to get a knee brace either under or over)? Many thanks.
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You definitely want to try them on. The Theta seems to fit a climber's shape: long and thin. I'm a 38 waist in a dress pant w/ a 30" inseam. The XL-short fits perfectly. Underneath I'm wearing an Arc'teryx Delta fleece pant which is medium thickness. They fit comfortably: not tight but not baggy.

If you want to put a knee brace under them, I'd look at the Minuteman, but they might be too baggy in the butt. The Minuteman pant in a L is snug on me. Also, the Minuteman bib (at least previous year's models) has a weird design. It fits and looks bad. If you go with the Minuteman, go with the pant. You might also consider the Theta LT pant, which is actually a bib, but it made of a less durable fabric than the SK.
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Thanks everyone for the info. Agree on the sizing suggestions as well. I'm a 40" 6'4" guy, and the XXL is the deal for me.

Feels great, so I'm going to tell her yes I'd love them as a present.
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