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Look ZRace Bindings

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Opinions on these? I just picked up a red/gray pair of Look Z races, 8-18 din.
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They are the worst bindings made so there for you should sell them to me. Now for the truth that are killer bindings if you need the high end din. Bomb proof construction, never pre release, and the pivot heal is great. I would have a pair on every ski I own if I could find more of them.
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anybody know if there is a version of theses type of bindings with a din up to 12? Maybe a junior model? Know what they are called?
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P12 would be the ones to Din, Rossi has a similar one, something 120 I think.

Oh yes, they should be here thursday. All i need is some skis to put them on...
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Originally posted by Garick:
anybody know if there is a version of theses type of bindings with a din up to 12? Maybe a junior model? Know what they are called?
They are called Look ZR 12 SLV/BLUE they use the current Full Drive Toe with the old style heel, they don't have many left, so get to a Look shop and have them order them. Part number is L23098.

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yep, those are what I've seen, thanks
also, I'll second the fact that these are great bindings

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I just had a run in with that binding tonight... It was of course the rossi 180 Pro version though... My team mate just got a pair. Din is 8 - 18. We were examining them and stupid me decided to clip the heel down... big mistake. Do not clip the heel down with you hands when the binding is not attached to a ski! My left thumb is in the strangest shapes i have ever seen now... kind of resembling the space between the heel piece and the bar that the heel piece clicks in towards... I think that the space in there is between 3mm and 4mm. This hurts a lot... to get your thumb stuck in there : . Also, with the DIN even slightly increased it will take you and another person to get the binding to release... so i dont think pre-release is a problem : . It looks like a good binding... although im not too keen on touching it anymore... at least until my thumb heels and regains some of its original shape... They are a pretty aggressive contraption, let me tell you. But once they are engaged, there is not a huge platform to get leverage on to get them to release - just a word to the wise...

by the way - yes that was foolish, and yes i did know better, and yes i did it anyways.
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Greg: I did the same thing with a pair of 35 year old Look bindings. They had been sitting out in the garage.

Son to dad, "think those things still work"? Dad to son, "Nah! Probably frozen solid after all these years". WRONG! BIG SNAP ... as I touched the heel tab. I still can't believe that Mr. Thumb fit into that tiny space, I actually was thinking I'd probably loose the tip.

A few weeks ago I looked at em' and thought "they don't make em' like they used to" ...... but it sounds like they still do.

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