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Originally Posted by course9x
Question for all westerners...

In NY we get snow everywhere, not just on the mountains. So I get pumped to go skiing at home because all I see is snow. When you live somewhere like Reno, is there any snow?? I just don't know if i'd be as excited, atleast until I saw the mountain....
It's funny about snow and skiing. When I worked at an Eastern resort I discovered that it didn't matter what the conditions were like on the mountain, we would draw crouds when the snow in the cities was deep. As far as the west is concerned, I lived out there. You will be living in the valleys with sunny 60 degree weather knowing quite well that there was a blizzard blowing in the nearby Mtn's. In fact in Southern Ca. It would rain buckets and the next day I would be walking on the beach looking at snow covered Mtn's where a ski resort was. I enjoyed it in a way. Leave the snow in the mountains has been a comment I've heard often.
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Originally Posted by Powdr
Hmm....I wondered about that statement so I did a little research. Yes, their website says 333", but I found numerous other references to 260", as well as Tony's site which gives 229". Furthermore, Mt Mansfield is probably one of the most studied snow stake site in the country, and as even us Westerners know, is adjacent to Stowe's ski runs. I did a quick average calc on the Mt Mansfield data for the last 48 years and it gives 204".


Probably NOT 333" of snow a year.





I wonder if the 333 includes the man-made snow?
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For Stowe the 229 is the Mansfield stake near the WCAX-TV transmitter. The data is indepently tabulated daily and is my major source of understanding eastern weather. However, they do measure at 4PM vs. normal ski area practice of early in the morning. So the 260 quote is probably reasonable on a basis consistent with other areas.
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