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Any chemists/racers who can tell me about Moleculef?

I am familiar with flourocarbons.
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I'll be very interested as well if anyone really knows about it.

Last time I saw someone using it at a race was a couple years ago.
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I've used it a couple times. In the right conditions, it's very fast stuff. Other times you might as well have left it off. You have to pay attention to humidity and air/snow temperature to know when it's going to be effective.

Since I don't race speed events, it's never been worthwhile to me to make the investment. If I get in some especially wet or heavy snow where traditional fluoro powder and waxes don't cut it, I may apply some Zardoz as a poor-man's MoleculeF, but to be honest in tech races under those conditions I'm more worried about being taken out by a hardened slush pile than if my wax is costing me a tenth.

Let's put it this way- if you're within striking distance of the lead (under a couple tenths) each run and your gear, tuning, and technique are all near perfection, by all means slap it on and see where it takes you. If one of those factors is lacking, you're only applying a bandaid by using expensive overlays.

Hope that helped.
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Thanks Mike.

I have used the warm Moleculef in races under high humidity,warm temps, and it significantly improved my time in a several runs by about one second so I know it was this overlay that made the predominant difference.

I am trying to find out more; the chemistry, if the company is still in business, other possible considerations other racers may have.
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