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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado
Hey...thanks everyone! The new job at Keystone promises to be quite a challenge, but I look forward to it.

Sorry for being out of touch, Ott. I've sort of exiled myself from EpicSki for a while, trying to use the time for some other pressing projects. Now that my new job starts in about a week, I'm working overtime trying to put the finishing touches on a video project for the PSIA-RM Adaptive program, and on some projects for the Alpine program as well. But I have been checking in at least semi-regularly.

I will find time to come back to play at EpicSki soon, I promise.

Meanwhile, I'd love to hear from anyone with any suggestions, comments, ideas, complaints, whatever, regarding the Keystone Ski and Ride School. With a new Director (Pete Sonntag, formerly of Beaver Creek and, most recently, Copper Mountain) and lots of enthusiastic support from the big wigs at Vail Resorts, it is the dawn of a new era at Keystone. What sort of programs and opportunities would inspire you to consider coming to Keystone and skiing with us?

Welcome to winter, everyone. It starts now!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
Good news Bob. Keystone can certainly use some new ideas. I have taken lessons at Keystone and for me the only ones that have been worthwhile are the "Betty Fest" Luckily the past few years I have been with Annie Black's group, As long as Annie is still apart at Betty Fest I will keep going. Although I was looking forward to taking the Mares Clinic last year, but alas they are no longer at Keystone.

Now for the complaints. We often have never-evers and lower level skiers visit us. Ski School has been a real disappointment. Both the adult and kids school. An example. My sister-in-law a snow boarder took several lessons. She was doing pretty well but they never got her out of the learning area. She got pretty bored pretty quickly. We skied by once to see how she was doing. Going down the slope by herself her instructor was not watching, to busy flirting with another instructor, his back to my sister-in-law. This year she said she is not coming back, to boring. Same with my nephews there seems to be a real hesitancy to take the kids off the learning hill. They are 7 and can pretty much ski most blues. But each time we put them in ski school it is the learning area and only the learning area for them.

Thanks for listening, I look forward to seeing you on the hill.

edit adding a thought,

Last year, at least I think it was last year, my sister took what was touted as a half day lesson, turned out to be 2 hours. That bugs me. At the time Keystone did not offer a full day adult group lesson for upper level skiers. It would be nice to have a FULL day lesson offered.
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Great, Bob. Great for you and greater for Keystone.
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Bob, congratulations! I hope you will still have some time to come over to Loveland a few times before Keystone opens.

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Congratulations Bob. I have read many of your posts and know you will do a great job.

Suggestion: Being an Eastern skier, When I travel West I often want to clinic with Western instructors to see their point of view. You know, learn a different method of saying the same thing, trying new exercises etc. and then taking what may work home. I know I could ask to sit in on clinics, but what about an area that advertised to other area instructors offering this....come see how we teach.
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Congratulations Bob!!
Looks like Keystone will now have to go on my must-ski list. It never ends.

BTW- I'm up for adoption again. I will e-mail pictures if you need them.
Resort owners and skiing bigwigs only please.
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Congrats, Bob!!!

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Hey Bob: The Summit County "media slut" has successfully pitched this as a story for Copper Cable. Give me a call and let me know when you want to do an interview.
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Bob, does this mean the new edition of the Encyclopedia will be delayed? Any idea when it will be available to all of us waiting eagerly?
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Sorry, Sailor, but I'm afraid it does mean that. I'll be working on it when I can this winter. Stay tuned....

Thanks for your interest!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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People keep saying "ask Bob for a copy of the CD." Any chance that you've got an extra one kicking around?
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PM me with your address, Colossus, and I'll get one to you.

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Originally Posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado
Sorry, Sailor, but I'm afraid it does mean that. I'll be working on it when I can this winter. Stay tuned....
Yeah, I know what the deal is. You're working on a last minute inclusion of a section on flatboarding, just to keep the book cutting edge.

Congrats Bob on the new gig, have fun with it. I'll be skiing Keystone a lot this season, maybe we'll bump into each other (figuratively speaking). I'll look for the guy skiing the slow line fast and going there. You look for the guy in the Carhartts making negative moves.

BTW, nice to see you posting again.
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Bob, congrats. Make it challenging and FUN!
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Congratulations, Bob,

and best wishes for a terrific season!

Hope to see you on the slopes!

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Congrats Bob! I am sure you will do a great job. Keystone has a lot to offer I just had a hard time stopping on the way to the Basin

I have a Don Coleman story that I still use today.

Taking a level 2 exam at Breckenridge. I am riding the T-Bar into Horseshoe with him. He points to a skier coming down that is awful, he is way back on his heels, lacks edge engagement, poor pressure skills does not get the ski up on edge and has no top of the turn. After I go over all this stuff and tell Don I would work with him on some groomed terrain on this stuff. He looks at me and says "He is skiing up here and wants to ski up here, teach him up here!

Now as I ski with exam canidates it still rings in my ear!

Maybe that's why more people don't take lessons we always try to take them off the stuff they want to ski on and show them all the stuff they are doing wrong. I hope all training programs are doing a better job of working with teaching skiers where they want to be taught, how they want to be taught at the pace they want to be taught. I know Keystones will now be one of the better ones!

Did not mean to highjack just seeing Don's name reminded me of that story.
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I have a 4yo daughter that will be taking group lessons this year(1st season, woo hoo!).

Keystone lessons, perhaps? Deep undercover mystery shopper?

I could report back to this fine group with findings, observations, incoherant ranting.
Well, not the ranting anyway. I just want her to have a good time! And get out of the wedge asap.

We'll be watching....
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I'm quite new to skiing, but wanted to reply to this thread. First of all, Congratulations. From the warmth of the posts it sounds like good things happening to a good person.

I don't know how to get on a list for your book, but would certainly like to have a copy.

A bit about my experience. I had the chance to transfer to Telluride and took up skiing two years ago at age 52. I'm in pretty good shape for a guy my age. First year was a disaster. Tried to teach myself and broke my humerus : (it wasn't humorous at all) on day 19.

Last year I signed up for the unlimited lesson package here. Took 19 lessons and went from dangerous on the mountain to competent on blues, with a few runs down black in classes. Skied 49 days total. I mostly enjoy hanging out on the groomers. Moguls hurt the knees and I'm scared of trees.

I've been skiing on K-2 Patriot G5's with Lange Comp 100 boots. I took the advice of an instructor friend and bought a pair of Fischer RX9's for this season. Haven't skied them yet, but those who know me said that it fit my abilities.

You mentioned wanting to hear from anyone taking group lessons. I've signed up again for the unlimited package this year and will be glad to keep you informed of how they do things here in Telluride. I will say this about the program. I work at a hotel and recommend the school to one and all. This is a very technical, and often counter-intuitive sport. (It's also most addictive and so much fun). Expert instruction is a must.

If I get the chance to come to Keystone I'll be sure to come by and see how you guys do it up there.

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Congrats Bob!

Just want to make sure you say hi to Pen Wood and Roy Frampton for me if and when you see them. They're fellow Whakapapa skiers from NZ and work for Keystone too. Pen might even be a supervisor if I remember correctly.

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Good on ya, Bobby! Have a great season! Robin
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Congratulations! and good luck in your new activities at Keystone as well as with the PSIA(AP)-RM.
I'm sure you will keep on contributing on the development, learning and understanding of Skiing, just as you have done with all your posts at this forum and your book.
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