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Axis X w/bindings for $500...good deal?

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I posted a reply over on the review section but I think my question is better suited here.

I have an opportunity to pick up a pair with the new Marker 1200 Piston bindings for about $500.

Is that a good deal?

I currently ski on a pair of 99-00 model Fischer Alltrax68 184s. The skis that I'm looking at are the Volkl Vertigo Motion and the Bandit XX.

How does the Axis X compare to the other two skis I'm looking at?

I'll be spending the winter working at and east coast resort 6-10 days a month but am heading to Jackson, Snaltabird and Switzerland in March. I can only afford one ski but I want to have the most fun I can while working and playing. Don't get me wrong I'll have fun no matter what but I want to get a little more out of my skis than what the Alltraxs are giving me.

Thanks for you input.

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The Bandit is billed as an all mountain do anything ski but that wasn't my experience. When the conditions were right (groomed and powder) they were a blast but when it was heavy and wet (read Cascade Concrete) the tips would dive on me.

I thought they made some modifications to the Bandits this year and sure enough here is what I found.

Bandit XX

LOL! Doing a search for "Bandit XX" got me a bunch of porn site! The girls looked like they really wanted to tell me everything they knew about "Bandit XX."


P.S. I'm 5'9" 140lb female.

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I am sikking marker PC's this year.
I bought them for about $230.
Are the skis worth the 270?
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YES, you have a pretty good deal there, being that the skis are in good condition. The Axis X are basically last yrs Mod X's, I have been on the Axis X's since December last yr and for the most part I really like them, they do the job in most all areas, the only time I have had trouble with them is when I was skiing at high speed, they were a little squirrly. The tips cracked on the forst pr but on the second pr we're doing ok so far, the cracking does not effect the ski unless it leads to water getting in. K2 was on the ball and got a new pr out to me ASAP.
The Bandit XX is a good ski also, I havn't had a prob with them but I also don't ski em too often unless I borrow a pr. I like the K2's over the bandits in overall skiability, but they are both a good ski. As for the volkl line i have only skied the vertigo G31's and thoes were pretty stiff, I am kinda a light weight (165) but ski hard so they worked well but kicked back a little.
Good deal on the skis.
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Thanks for all your input guys. The skis are brand new from the shop. Got a friend that works there hence the deal. Just haven't decided yet. I'm leaning towards the XX's.

Thanks again.
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Just a thought...since you own Fischers already you may like them but maybe they are to narrow underfoot...if this is the case and not that you jut don't like them for various other reason...does that make sense?

...Anyway, I bought the Fischer Alltrax Big Stix 74 after comparing it with the Bandit xx. Not the newer wider version though. That and the the Big Stix 84 may be something to consider.

I likes my Fischers.
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