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rossignol scratch bc

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I'm moving to Telluride for the winter to work as a lift op and have never skied there before. I am an advanced skier who enjoys powder, some cliffs and generally prefers off-piste. However i'd like to be able to make big fast turns on the occasional groomers. I like steeps, chutes and trees, but would be content to never ski moguls again. I'm 5'10 and weigh between 165 and 170.

I'm real interested in the rossignol scratch bc, has anyone skied the 2005-06 model with the wider waist and if so would it be a good all round ski for telluride?
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 I have the 2003 Rossignol Scratch BC and have skied them a lot at Whistler resort skiing, heliskiing and backcountry skiing.  Very versatile with lots of float in the powder.  
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